Every Public Sector Body perfect for Intelligence, Analysis and Approval Matching

Organisational Database

The world of Public Service Organisations. Accurate, Selectable, Structured and Live.

Every Government and Public Service Organisation in the UK.

A live database covering all areas and levels of Government, Healthcare, Housing and Education across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Researched directly and updated in real time by our 15 strong UK based research team with extensive propriatory and unique data points. Provided with detailed categorisation, demographics and core contact information.

The complete Intelligence and Benchmark database of UK Public Services.

Primary Uses:

  • Industry and Customer Benchmarking and Analysis

  • Credit Checking and Approval Matching

  • The Basis for Research Projects and Reports

All areas of UK Public Services

The table below lists the primary areas and the volume of organisations available. For more detailed information or a sample, please get in touch.

Area of Public Services Number of Organisations
Local Government 737
Parish Councils 11439
Central Government and QUANGOS 1416
Schools 33654
Further and Higher Education 670
NHS 10389
Housing Associations 1814
Care Homes 20302
Dentists 9781
Total 90202

Complete Organisational Database Subscription

A live database with extensive analysis options for development, sales and research professionals. Provided with detailed categorisation, demographics and core contact information. The complete Intelligence and Benchmark database subscription.


Org Sub

12 Months Licence

Continuous Live Updating

API Delivery for Automation

Unlimited Updates and Downloads

Organisation Wide Access

Org Name and Address

Main Phone, Email and Website

Granular Organisational Categorisation

Parent and Group Structures

Sector Specific Demographics

Identification of Publicly Funded Entities

Unique ORG ID’s with full integrity

Official ID’s for many organisations

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Oscar Organisational Database Information

More about the Oscar Database, including a deep dive into our research procedures, technical structure and field coverage. Methods of delivery to clients plus legal and compliance documents.



Download a PDF presentation of the Public Sector Organisational Subscription

Database Presentation

The field structure of the organisational data we supply. Our data dictionary lists all standard and optional fields and their descriptions.

Oscar Data Dictionary

Take a deep dive into our database; a detailed view of our updating, processes and methodologies.

The Oscar Database

How the data is delivered to users, including download, API and other automation options.

Data Delivery Options

If you intend to use our data for calling. We can add Telephone Preference Service flags to your selections

TPS Screening Options

Details of our Data Compliance and Transparency summarised as a Q&A with links to further important documents.

GDPR and Compliance Q&A

Our Terms of Database Usage for anyone viewing or holding Oscar data.

Terms and Conditions

Case Studies

Over the last 25 years we are proud to have provided data solutions to organisations ranging from Government Departments to SME's and everyone in the middle.


Large Energy Provider


Our client is a large Gas and Electricity provider who was manually screening credit account applications and wanted to reliably automate the identification of Publicly owned organisations for pre-approval.


  • Consuming multiple data sets across different sectors and geographies.
  • Limited or no availability of certain sectors.
  • Disparate and inconsistent data types and structures
  • Ageing or inaccurate data

Which meant:

  • Significant manual time searching for information.
  • Delays with Account set-up
  • Inefficient work and data flows
  • Inability to analyse market coverage.


Following consultation with the client to determine precisely the types of organisations they would consider to be Publicly owned; we leveraged our unique database of all Public Bodies to build a bespoke live API feed including Legal Status and Funding Type, Entity Name, Address, detailed taxonomy and linkage to parent and child entities for all Public Bodies. We also set up an endpoint using partial and fuzzy matching for manual lookups. These feeds were then integrated into their Account application process enabling both automated matching and a simple and quick look up system for the application team.

Summary Benefits:

  • Significant time savings
  • Better client experience
  • Data flow and system efficiencies
  • Business development insights