Public Service Organisational Database Subscription

Every Government and Public Sector Organisation in the UK. Provided with detailed categorisation, demographics and core contact information. The complete Intelligence and Benchmark database of UK Public Services.

Primary Uses:

  • Credit Checking and Approval Matching
  • Industry and Customer Benchmarking and Analysis
  • The Basis for Research Projects and Reports

Subscription Includes:

  • Continuous Live Updating and Bespoke Delivery
  • Infinite selections across over 90,000 organisations
  • Granular Organisational Categorisation across Three Levels.
  • Sector Specific Demographics and Intelligence
  • Identification of Publicly Funded Entities
  • Hierarchies, Group Structures and Organisational Relationships
  • Unique ORG ID’s with full integrity and Official ID’s for many organisations

Organisational Database Presentation


  • Organisational Database Field List
  • Counts by Area of Government
  • Area of Public Services Number of Organisations
    Local Government 737
    Parish Councils 11439
    Central Government and QUANGOS 1416
    Schools 33654
    Further and Higher Education 670
    NHS 10389
    Housing Associations 1814
    Care Homes 20302
    Dentists 9781
    Total 90202


  • Online Download in Excel
  • Feed of Organisational Changes
  • XML/JSON Feed including bespoke configuration