We help Government, Education and Healthcare organisations to analyse and engage with UK Public Services. Data and digital driven solutions; fusing proprietary, geographic and open data with bespoke software and extensive sector knowledge.


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Solutions for Engagement and Communication Professionals


Extensive database of public sector postholders and organisations

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  • Live
  • Compliant
  • Unique Selections
  • Unlimited Updates


Unique content and brand exposure to the Public Sector market

  • Initial Consultation
  • Published Case Study
  • Service Article
  • 3 x Newsletter Ads
  • Engagement Analysis

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Bespoke feeds, connecting you with the right people in Public Services

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  • Custom Feeds
  • Geo Identification
  • Unique Selectability
  • Complete Coverage

Solutions for Management, Policy and Strategy Professionals


Market, Buyer, Supplier and Competitor Intelligence

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  • Market Value
  • Buyer Analysis
  • Contract Analysis
  • Tailored Weekly Feed


Every Public Body perfect for Intel, Analysis and Benchmarking

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  • Bespoke Delivery


Discover more about your market, services or customers

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Data Vis

Political, Sector and Bespoke Analysis and Reporting

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  • Political
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Data Cleansing, Enhancement, Feeds, Systems and Consulting

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  • Hosting
  • Geo Tagging
  • CTPS Screening
  • Consulting

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The ultimate pubsec intel and sales platform

  • Detailed and Advanced Searching
  • Organisation Intel
  • Postholder Intel
  • Buyer Intel
  • Contract and Tender Intel
  • Supplier Intel
  • Adavanced Reporting
  • Downloads

Case Studies


National Statistics Organisation


Our client is a Public Body focused on making statistical data Public. Their objective was to provide analysis of gender representation across all levels of UK elected representatives over time.


  • Multiple and disparate official data and feeds
  • Limited Data available for Local Government Councillors

Which meant:

  • Time and resource costs standardising feeds
  • Limited analysis across Local Government
  • Patchy reports with limited insight for policy makers and the public


Consulting with the client on the format and level of reporting required we set up some published reports and downloads showing the gender breakdown of elected representatives across all levels of Government. We then mined stored historical data to provide retrospective analysis and built into our workflow a monthly snapshot of gender data to provide a more accurate and consistent feed moving forward.

Summary Benefits:

  • Greater visibility for all of gender across the political landscape
  • Future value through consistent storing and archiving of data
  • Single source for all report data
  • Standard format and categorisation


Government Department


Our client is a Government Department who wished to reach a much wider set of Public Bodies and Stakeholders within them; across all levels of Public Services to communicate new Government policy around procurement, in order to offer support and training to those requiring it.


  • Limited organisational data coverage across some areas of Public Services
  • Multiple inconsistent data feeds
  • Patchy data around spend and entity type
  • Decaying and limited postholder data
  • Difficulty segmenting audience by size and importance

Which meant:

  • Unable to identity and communicate to the full audience
  • Inability to tailor messaging and focus
  • Significant time costs compiling, standardising and analysing data
  • Ultimately less ability to support and enforce official policy


Consulting with the Department on the types of organisations and representatives that should be included in the audience scope, we built a live feed of data for the client through download and API for integration into their own systems. This included standardised functional, geographic, organisation type and size categories. We then used our contract award data to link to the clients chosen list of organisations and produced some summary data that could be included in the feed, including total spend across all contracts, as a time series and the overall number of contracts awarded.

Summary Benefits:

  • Complete audience coverage in one feed
  • Single standard format and structure
  • Ability to analyse, segment and target based on relevance and size
  • Live, accurate and compliant data
  • Significant time and data flow efficiencies


Government Membership Organisation


Our client is a membership organisation focused on Local Government. Their objective was to ensure they had comprehensive and current postholder data across management and elected posts within their membership organisations. To ensure the management of data for, and timely delivery of, their monthly hard copy publication as well as offering electronic choice and alternatives for recipients of the publication.


  • Limited resource to manage and update all postholder data
  • Limited categorisation of roles and responsibilities
  • Multiple sources, feeds and systems around the sector
  • Managing updates, preferences and opt-outs for receipt of publication

Which meant:

  • Difficulty communicating to all of their members
  • Significant time and resource cost in data research and management
  • Less choice and value for members and readership
  • Restricted ability for analysis and targeting


Working with the client and building a system for keeping a live match to their membership organisations, we scoped and set-up a live feed of all management and political postholders across these organisations, including detailed functional responsibilities and political affiliations. We created a new set of internal research processes and committed to ensuring all elected representatives would be updated within 3 weeks of the annual elections. We set up a dedicated email address for recipients of the clients publication so they could email to provide updates and preference changes and built these updates into our research workflow and formed a bespoke client team across research and account management to manage both the updates and communicating changes back to the client. We then built a new monthly process including these update and preference changes alongside the usual updating of the Oscar database which fed into a set of bespoke data files that are built specifically for the clients publisher to their specifications to consume for segmentation and ultimately postal distribution.

Summary Benefits:

  • Significant time, data and workflow efficiencies
  • Live, accurate and compliant data
  • Single standard format and Structure
  • Timely communication with new elected members
  • Substantial print, cost and environmental savings
  • Greater choice and engagement for and with membership
  • Better ability to analyse, segment and target membership