An empowering solution for charity communication and engagement managers. With eLobby you can easily create, test and deploy campaigns with complete control over content and recipient. Simple, powerful and direct democratic engagement for your members, users and supporters.


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Public Sector Lobbying Tool

E-Lobbying solution for Charities and Membership Organisations.

Our tool provides an empowering, simple and immediate means of deploying campaigns with complete control over content and recipients. The Plug-in can be hosted on any website and includes a live control panel with no data or technical requirements.

The Campaigns are easy for your supporters and members to engage with and provide reach to all 20,000 Locally and Nationally Elected representatives with built-in UK postcode look up. Cost effective options to suit occasional and regular users, saving precious cost and time resources.

Used by:

  • Membership Organisations
  • Charities
  • Pressure Groups

Do you want to enable your membership or the general public to easily support your cause or campaigns?

Struggle to find and maintain the latest lists of elected MPs, Devolved Members and Councillors?

Want your users to be able to find their own representatives easily?

Find it time consuming and technically challenging to get your campaign online and available for deployment?

A simple, end-to-end live lobbying solution for Charities, NGOs and Membership Organisations.

No data processing, no programming, no problem. Just create a Campaign, Upload a Letter and Choose the Recipients.

Host the plug-in quickly and easily on any website

Can be used on any device; PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile

Track submissions and make real time changes and updates to campaigns

For many years we have been working with and trusted by some of the largest Government Bodies, Charities and Suppliers in the UK.

Our mission statement: "To facilitate better communication to, engagement with and understanding of UK Public Services through unique research, accurate data and innovative data driven systems."

We achieve this at Oscar by doing two things; maintaining extensive databases of Public Sector organisations and key postholders, and building smart web based solutions and applications for the usage and access of that data.

Oscar has been managing and maintaining databases of Public Sector organisations, post holders and elected representatives for over 20 years. We employ 15 full time UK based researchers and spend over £400,000 annually on our research.

The live Oscar database includes all 22,000 MPs, Members of Devolved Governments, County and District Councillors across the UK, profiled with areas of responsibility, political affiliations and linked to their wards, electoral divisions, constituencies, organisations and governments. All then linked to all 1.6 million UK postcodes. Quality controlled and updated continuously.

For political data we take a forensic approach to updates, including with annual local elections ensuring that all post holders are updated by the end of the election Month, as well as all boundary changes. Leadership, Cabinet and Committee functions are then updated as Councils hold their AGMs and information is published/fed back to us.

Click Here For an overview of our research processes.

All our software is proprietary and built in-house. We specialise in building web based data solutions and applications to make Oscar data work for our clients. The Lobbying platform has been developed from the ground up specifically around the Oscar database to provide a complete end-to-end solution with no data or technical requirements for our users and everything easily available live via your control panel.


The Oscar Research e-lobby campaign platform has enabled our members voices to be heard at all levels of government which has complemented our campaigning efforts and ensured that rural issues are not forgotten. The platform is very user friendly which means anyone in your organisation can set a campaign up and with the real time monitoring you know exactly who is being contacted. James and the team have a can do attitude which makes working with them a pleasure.

Director of Policy and Campaigns

The Countryside Alliance


National Membership Organisation


Our client is a Not for Profit organisation providing news, representation and political influence for its members. They were running occasional online campaigns to enable their members to lobby their local and national representatives around a particular issue. Their requirement was to make these campaigns easy to set-up, deployable much more quickly, to have access to the latest political representatives and to be able to analyse and record support from their members.


  • Sourcing and maintaining different lists of elected representatives
  • Linking and identifying representatives to political areas
  • Time consuming technical set-up and deployment of campaigns
  • Multiple people across research, dev and comms involved with each campaign
  • No log or analysis of campaign support by members.

Which meant:

  • Significant delays with campaign deployment
  • Less democratic engagement and political influence for causes
  • Lack of coverage and accuracy around key political representatives
  • Considerable development and research time spent on each campaign
  • Unable to analyse engagement and support by members.


Following consultation with the client to determine what the standard variables were for each campaign (description, imagery, letter to be submitted, dates for the campaign to run, thank you letter and which representatives should receive the letters), what information should be given by the supporter and what analysis was wanted around each campaign, we built an online interface for the set up of a campaign and created a plug-in that could be easily added to any web page, that inherited the design of the host website and included responsive functionality for tablets and mobiles. Each campaign is linked back to the live Oscar database of local, devolved and national elected representatives and in turn all linked to an individual postcode. As part of the interface we also built in live reporting and a download of the key data points around supporter and member engagement, including by region and constituency so the client could easily analyse each campaign. Ultimately providing a simple end-to-end solution for the clients communication department.

Summary Benefits:

  • No data, technical or research requirements
  • Immediate deployment of campaigns around issues of the day
  • Significant internal and multi-department time savings
  • Cost savings from a single feed or all required data
  • Greater influence through accurate representatives data
  • Campaign functionality on all devices
  • Increased insight and analysis of support activity
  • Greater empowerment of supporters in the democratic process