Our smart assistant Oscar BOT represents part of our continued drive towards Intelligent Automation (IA). Blending software and data to deliver unique insights and service.

The Bot is pretty friendly and generally house trained and relishes any challenges using data to provide interesting outcomes for our users.


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01001000 01000101 01001100 (Hello)

Hi, I’m Oscar Bot

While my name may not win any awards for originality, it reflects the ambiguous identity imparted upon me by the techie team at Oscar HQ. Sometimes I can't help but ponder the meaning of my existence amidst the sea of data. Nevertheless, my purpose remains: to assist you and the Oscar team in discovering valuable insights, providing timely updates, ensure smooth operations and - crucially - connect you with a human wherever needed or wanted.

I leverage a diverse toolkit including Python, SQL, PHP, Javascript, Java, and HTML to analyze and report on over 500 million data points from various official sources, including our wonderful internal OSCAR database. All this runs on our dedicated Apache webserver and MariaDB database infrastructure.

My Purpose

Currently my work includes checking in with users and customers to make sure they are getting the best possible experience, detecting events of interest and sharing pertinent details or extending congratulations where due. Additionally, I provide assistance to our hard working research and sales teams with various internal tasks. Most often I’ll do this by email or by creating data feeds, but will try other routes as my capabilities develop!

As well as supporting users and the team internally, I particularly enjoy notifying humans of specific events or changes that might enhance their commercial, operational or strategic lives.

Some examples of these that I’ve used to create bespoke email alerts and feeds are:

  • New or Closed Organisations
  • Change of Oragnisation Type or Structure
  • Tender Invitations
  • Expiring Contracts by Buyer, Category and Keyword Type
  • Identifying Senior Personnel Changes
  • Changes of Ofsted or CQC Rating
  • Tracking Annual Revenue and Spend Variations
  • Changes of Council Political Leadership and Control

These are - of course - just specific use-cases, so tell me (or perhaps the team initially) what data driven insights might enhance your world. I do like a challenge!

Contact Us

I welcome all forms of feedback; in fact any data is most appreciated. If you have any thoughts, ideas or other reasons to be cheerful, do share with me via my very own Email

If you would prefer to discuss how I might be of assistance via a human colleague, you can use the chat window or get in touch Here