Technical Structure of Organisational Data

Oscar data can be supplied in formats suitable for all known databases/spreadsheets, including Excel, and MYSQL variants; it is available either by direct feed or to download through the website.

Additional delivery methods are available, including XML, JSON and API development. Please contact us to discuss further.

The following technical breakdown of the Oscar Organisational database gives details of all fields of data available (the database specific fields (eg Care Homes) are only supplied where a file contains that data).


Field name Description
OrgURN Unique Number for each organisation
Org Name of Organisation
MainSite Indicates if the person is located at the HQ/Main Site for the Organisation
Add1 Address line 1
Add2 Address line 2
Add3 Address line 3
Add4 Address line 4
Town Postal Town
County Postal County
Region Economic Planning Region - eg London / South East / Eastern
Postcode Area The Postcode Area - eg 'KT'
Postcode District The Postcode District - eg 'KT2'
MainPhone The main telephone/switchboard number for the organisation
MainEmail The main e-mail address for the organisation
DataTypes General area of the Government - Local/Regional/Central Government/NHS etc
OrgTypes Specific type of Organisation - eg NHS Trust / Local Authority
Org Type 2 Used for Further Categorisation of Organisation Types - eg Acute Trust / Metropolitan Council 
NumEmployees Number of Employees employed across the organisation
AnnualSpend The spend of the organisation, shown in millions.
OrgNotes Useful information we find about the organisation - forthcoming changes/mergers etc
WebsiteURL Website Address for the Organisation
ParentOrg Direct Parent Organisation
Care Homes Only - CarehomeCapacity Number of Possible Residents for each Care Home
Care Homes Only - CarehomeHomeTypes Shows the types of Care provided
Central Government Only - CGFunctions Shows the organisational functions of a Central Government organisation.
Dentists Only - NumOfDentists The number of Dentists within the Practice
Dentists Only - DentalGroup Where applicable the name of the Dental Group
FE/HE Only - FEStudentPop Number of Studends for each College/University. Shown in Bandings
Housing Assoc Only - HousingAssocGroupStruc Shows if a Housing Association is a Parent or Subsidiary Organisation.
Housing Assoc Only - HousingAssocGroupName Where applicable the name of the Housing Association Group
Housing Assoc Only - HousingAssocDevStatus Shows whether the Housing Association is currently building new houses/units.
Housing Assoc Only - HousingAssocStock Shows the number of Units/Houses Owned or Managed by the Organisation.
Housing Assoc Only - HousingAssocTenantGroups Shows the type of Tenants for the Organisation.
Housing Assoc Only - HousingAssocAccomTypes Shows the type of Housing provided by the Organisation.
Local Government Only - LGPopServed The Population covered by the Organisation - shows in bandings.
Local Government Only - LGCouncilControl Shows the Controlling Political Party for each Local Authority
Local Government Only - LGChangeOfControl Shows the last time the Political Control chaanged for each Local Authority
Local Government Only - LGNextElection Shows the next time a Local Authority is due for Elections.
Local Government Only - LGLACode Shows the official Code for each Local Authority
Local Government Only - LGNumSeats Shows the number of Political/Councillor Seats within each Local Authority
Local Government Only - LGWardName The name of the Ward represented by a Councillor
NHS Only - NHSPopCovered The Population covered by the Organisation - shows in bandings.
NHS Only - NHSNumGP The number of GPs within a Practice
NHS Only - NHSGPPracticeCode The Official Code for the Practice
Parish Councils Only - ParishPopCovered The Population covered by the Organisation - shown in bandings.
Schools Only - SchoolNumber The Official Number for the School
Schools Only - SchoolScope The Areas of Education covered by the School
Schools Only - SchoolPopulation The Number of Pupils - shows in bandings
Schools Only - SchoolGender Shows if the School is Boys, Girls or Mixed
Schools Only - SchoolChanges Shows where there is a change of HeadTeacher coming
Schools Only - SchoolSpecialisations Shows what types of Specialist Education are provided
Schools Only - SchoolAttributes Shows extra services or facilities provided by the School - including Boarding, Nurseries and Learning Difficulties
Schools Only - SchoolDenominations Shows the Religious Affiliations of Church and other Schools.
Schools Only - SchoolAgeranges The Ages covered by the School - shown in bandings