Further and Higher Education Database

Further and Higher (Tertiary) Education in the UK is provided by a wide range of complementary and sometimes competing organisations, from Sixth Form colleges (which used to be part of the schools system) through to a much expanded Universities sector. In between there is a range of Higher and Further Education Colleges, some of which specialise in the Arts or Agriculture. The Higher Education sector is distinguished from the Further Education sector by its ability to award Degrees, although some FE Colleges run HE courses which lead to an external degree, awarded by an HE College or University.

How the data is organised:

Posts - The Further and Higher Education database covers the senior Administrative, Academic and Managerial posts of all Colleges and Universities throughout the UK . Vice Chancellors, Principals, Senior and Mid-Level Management posts, plus many Heads of Faculties and Departments are included.

Job Function - Job titles are listed, but vary widely so we use standard functional categories (detailed below) to identify responsibilities.

Number of Students - We list the number of students for each organisation. The counts are the number of Full-time Equivalent (FTE) students at the establishment - this measure of size is used as many colleges cater almost entirely for part-time students.

Breakdown of the Oscar Further and Higher Education Database

Counts and coverage is shown by the key selection areas of the database. The figures are re-calculated every 24 hours based on the latest research.

Further and Higher Education organisation types breakdown

Further and Higher Education categories and functions breakdown

Further and Higher Education seniority breakdown

Further and Higher Education regional breakdown