Central Government Database

The Central Government database covers contacts across:

  1. The main Departments of Government such as Defence, Health and the Cabinet Office), their respective sponsored Executive Agencies (such as the Environment Agency and Companies House), other Public Offices and a wide range of other national Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs), also commonly known as QUANGOS. The devolved Governments (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are also included and split into their respective Departments.
  2. Organisations concerned with Law and Criminal Justice are listed as separate organisations types to make selection easier.

    Courts - England and Wales has a unified court service, in which Her Majestys Court Service manages all local courts, including Crown, County and Magistrates Courts. Magistrates Courts provide the first level of judicial court dealing with the vast majority of offences. Crown Courts handle the most serious criminal offences; County Courts with civil cases. Scotland has Sheriff & District Courts and Northern Ireland has Petty Sessions

    The Probation Service - this deals with the rehabilitation of ex-offenders, and the supervision of Community Service. In Scotland the nearest equivalent is the Criminal Justice Service, which is part of each local authorities social services set-up. Details of Criminal Justice Service Managers can be found in the Local Government Database

    The Prison Service - this deals with offenders serving custodial sentences; the structure is similar throughout the UK.

  3. Local QUANGOS primarily concerned with Employment, Regeneration, Training and Business, such as Business Links, Chambers of Commerce and Enterprise Agencies. Although many of these are primarily privately funded by their members they are included because they are often involved in publicly funded local training and enterprise initiatives.

With the exception of the QUANGOSs, the contacts listed with the Central Government database are Civil Servants. They implement the policies determined by elected Members of Parliament and feed-back information and advice. The Civil Service has no political bias and is unaffected by elections or ministerial changes. The total workforce represents approximately 10% of the workforce within the Public Sector.

Breakdown of the Oscar Central Government database

Counts and coverage is shown by the key selection areas of the database. The figures are re-calculated every 24 hours based on the latest research.

Central Government organisation types breakdown

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