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The NHS database:

The National Health Service is the largest employer in the UK but is not a single homogenous organisation. Following devolution and major re-organisations in the past few years, the ways in which it is organised in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are continuing to diverge.

Our database covers senior and mid-level posts across all functions and areas of the NHS. This includes both the Management and Medical/Clinical sides.

England - the NHS has undergone considerable re-organisation since 2011 with Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts being replaced by a new structure of healthcare provision. The vast majority of services are now provided or commissioned at a local level via groups of GP Surgeries, known as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's), or at a secondary care level via Hospital Trusts. Public Health services are now provided by Local Authorities who also work with CCG's via Health and Wellbeing Boards to commission services jointly. There are also a number of new 'Community Healthcare' providers, in the form of Health and Care Trusts (NHS organisations) and Community Interest Companies (Social Enterprises). These organisations provide a range of community, mental health, primary care and nursing functions and sit alongside Local Authorities, CCG's and Secondary Care providers in many areas. These, along with some Secondary Care Acute Trusts which inherited them following the dissolution of PCT's run Community Hospitals, Clinics, Walk in Centres and some Dental services.

Scotland - has a simplified structure with Scottish Health Boards having control of all operational responsibilities within their geographical area. The Community Health Partnerships provide a range of community health services and they work closely with primary health care professionals as well as hospitals and local councils.

Wales - has established Local Health Boards and with the exception of one remaining NHS Trust, they deal with all Primary and Secondary Healthcare services.

Northern Ireland - also has single organisations - Health & Social Care Trusts, which along with several other national bodies, deal with co-ordinating and providing all the regions Healthcare services.

GP Practices - are UK wide and we cover the Practice Manager, the Senior GP and Senior Nurses. In every practice one of these is nominated as the main contact (our 'Chief Officer' category), to allow you to reach one person per practice if required. This will normally be the Practice Manager and is the contact for which we list an email address.

Breakdown of the Oscar NHS database

Counts and coverage is shown by the key selection areas of the database. The figures are re-calculated every 24 hours based on the latest research.

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