We help NGO’s, Charities and Membership organisations of all sizes to understand and engage with UK Public Services. Data and digital driven solutions; fusing proprietary, geographic and open data with bespoke software and extensive sector knowledge.


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Solutions for Engagement and Communication Professionals


Extensive database of public sector postholders and organisations

  • Accurate
  • Live
  • Compliant
  • Unique Selections
  • Unlimited Updates


Supercharge your campaigns and supporter engagement

  • Simple Set-Up
  • Live Data
  • Compliant
  • Democratic
  • Empowering


Unique content and brand exposure to the Public Sector market

  • Initial Consultation
  • Published Case Study
  • Service Article
  • 3 x Newsletter Ads
  • Engagement Analysis

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Bespoke feeds, connecting you with the right people in Public Services

  • Live Data
  • Custom Feeds
  • Geo Identification
  • Unique Selectability
  • Complete Coverage

Solutions for Management, Development and Strategy Professionals


An in-depth picture of your current Public Sector market coverage

  • Initial Consultation
  • Customer Analysis
  • Full Market View
  • Enhancement
  • Recommendations


Market, Buyer, Supplier and Competitor Intelligence

  • Initial Consultation
  • Market Value
  • Buyer Analysis
  • Contract Analysis
  • Tailored Weekly Feed


Every Public Body perfect for Intel, Analysis and Benchmarking

  • UK Coverage
  • Single Source
  • Detailed Taxonomy
  • Accurate and Live
  • Bespoke Delivery


Discover more about your market, services or customers

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Collection
  • Analysis
  • Delivery

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Data Vis

Political, Sector and Bespoke Analysis and Reporting

  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Political
  • Bespoke


Data Cleansing, Enhancement, Feeds, Systems and Consulting

  • Enhancement
  • Hosting
  • Geo Tagging
  • CTPS Screening
  • Consulting

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The ultimate pubsec intel and sales platform

  • Detailed and Advanced Searching
  • Organisation Intel
  • Postholder Intel
  • Buyer Intel
  • Contract and Tender Intel
  • Supplier Intel
  • Adavanced Reporting
  • Downloads

Case Studies


National Membership Organisation


Our client is a Not for Profit organisation providing news, representation and political influence for its members. They were running occasional online campaigns to enable their members to lobby their local and national representatives around a particular issue. Their requirement was to make these campaigns easy to set-up, deployable much more quickly, to have access to the latest political representatives and to be able to analyse and record support from their members.


  • Sourcing and maintaining different lists of elected representatives
  • Linking and identifying representatives to political areas
  • Time consuming technical set-up and deployment of campaigns
  • Multiple people across research, dev and comms involved with each campaign
  • No log or analysis of campaign support by members.

Which meant:

  • Significant delays with campaign deployment
  • Less democratic engagement and political influence for causes
  • Lack of coverage and accuracy around key political representatives
  • Considerable development and research time spent on each campaign
  • Unable to analyse engagement and support by members.


Following consultation with the client to determine what the standard variables were for each campaign (description, imagery, letter to be submitted, dates for the campaign to run, thank you letter and which representatives should receive the letters), what information should be given by the supporter and what analysis was wanted around each campaign, we built an online interface for the set up of a campaign and created a plug-in that could be easily added to any web page, that inherited the design of the host website and included responsive functionality for tablets and mobiles. Each campaign is linked back to the live Oscar database of local, devolved and national elected representatives and in turn all linked to an individual postcode. As part of the interface we also built in live reporting and a download of the key data points around supporter and member engagement, including by region and constituency so the client could easily analyse each campaign. Ultimately providing a simple end-to-end solution for the clients communication department.

Summary Benefits:

  • No data, technical or research requirements
  • Immediate deployment of campaigns around issues of the day
  • Significant internal and multi-department time savings
  • Cost savings from a single feed or all required data
  • Greater influence through accurate representatives data
  • Campaign functionality on all devices
  • Increased insight and analysis of support activity
  • Greater empowerment of supporters in the democratic process


National Care Home Provider


Our client is a Not for Profit Care and Housing provider. Their objective was to be able to easily identify and communicate with Political and Management stakeholders across Healthcare, Local and Central Government within a set radius of each of their Care Homes.


  • Multiple datafeeds and online sources of required data
  • Maintenance and research of postholder data
  • Decaying, duplicate and incomplete data within own CRM
  • No geographic linkage of organisations and political areas
  • Uncertainty around administrative areas for different organisations
  • Limited categorisation of current stakeholder and entity data

Which meant:

  • Significant delays with campaign deployment
  • Inability to communicate with all relevant stakeholders
  • Limited ability to engage and inform policy
  • Time spent across communication team on research and updates
  • Inaccurate data and high bounce rates from e-communications
  • Limited analysis of current engagement


Following receipt of the list of Care Home sites and consultation with the client to determine the right geographical radius for each site, the political and management stakeholders and organisations that should be included, we then used our political, geographic and entity data, to draw in state organisations at every level that covered the areas of interest. Factoring devolved differences, we built a live feed of data across MP’s and Constituencies, Local Government Adult Social Care management, ward Councillors and cabinet members for Social Care as well as appropriate Commissioners across ICB’s and Secondary Care Trusts and Health Boards, including detailed categorisation and links to the clients own list of homes. The feed was provided as a structured JSON file available through a live API call enabling the technical team to easily integrate the data into the clients CRM.

Summary Benefits:

  • Significant work and data flow improvement
  • Easy identification of all organisations linked to each home site
  • Coverage of all relevant stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder data immediately available for campaigns and communication.
  • Accurate data with real time updates reflecting change across Government.
  • Single feed with no research or technical requirements
  • Greater insights and analysis of campaigns