Oscar Data and Analysis Services

Database De-duplication:

Prior to any order, we offer a deduplication service between your current data and any selections from the Oscar database. Please request this through your account manager when discussing a quotation or order.

Customer Profiling, Analysis, Intelligence and Enhancement:

Our Customer Analysis and Potential (CAP) report uses the Oscar database as a benchmark to match and profile your current Public Sector customer database; providing Intelligence and Enhancement potential. As the market leader in Public Sector data we have an unrivaled universe of Government and Public Service organisations and posts upon which to build insights and as an informed gateway to providing new prospects and data.

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Database Enhancement:

To complement our CAP report Report detailed above, we provide a range of data enhancements that can be appended to your current database, including organisations, postal addresses, phone numbers, posts and post holders, email addresses, organisational categorisation and extensive demographics. We can also provide telephone research services to validate and update any post holders held that don't match the Oscar database, should that be required.

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