Costs and Licenses

The following calculator provides the license options and the total prices to rent any volume of records from Oscar.

In some instances it may be better value for you to consider one of our all inclusive subscriptions. These are given in the second table as a means of comparison.

Cost calculator

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License Costs
12 Month Multiple-Use Postal Mailing
12 Month Multiple-Use Phoning
12 Month Multiple-Use E-mailing
12 Month Multiple-Use Postal Mailing and Phoning
12 Month Multiple-Use Postal Mailing and E-mailing
12 Month Multiple-Use Phoning and E-mailing
12 Month Multiple-Use Postal Mailing, Phoning and E-mailing Subscription.
This option includes online access to your selections with unlimited updates and downloads.

Areas of Government, record counts and links to datasheets as follows

Area of Government
(Click links for individual datasheets)
Number of Records
(all have Postal
and Telephone details)
Records with Direct Emails Complete 12 Month Subscription
(Includes Unlimited Updates and Downloads)
Make Specific Counts and Selections
(Generate Bespoke Quotes)
Local Government Officers 25000 22000 £4,000
Local Government Councillors 23000 21000 £4,000
Parish Councils 15000 6500 £2,000
Central Government and QUANGOS 6500 4000 £1,000
MP's 1000 400 £350
Schools 31000 28500 £1,000
Further and Higher Education 15000 12000 £2,000
NHS Management 20000 15000 £2,500
GP Surgeries and CCG 30000 5000 £2,000
Housing Associations 12000 8000 £800
Care Homes 22000 16000 £1,500
Dentists 9781 754 £1,000
Public Service Exchange Subscription 201700 139900 £15,000


All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and a £20 set up and delivery fee.