Database Subscription License Cost Calculator

The following calculator provides the bespoke cost to license any volume of records from Oscar.

In some instances it may be better value for you to consider one of our all inclusive database subscriptions. You can view a list of these below. In all cases our online count and quotation tool proves the best value option.

Cost calculator

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Subscription Costs
12 Month All fields Subscription.
Data selections are licensed for 12 months and provided in CSV format via a secure platform. Live access to the data is provided with unlimited updates and downloads during your license period. Delivery is available by direct download and API.

All prices quoted are subject to a £500 minimum order, VAT at the prevailing rate and a £25 set up and delivery fee.

Inclusive Database Subscription License Costs

Areas of Government.
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Number of Records Complete Database Cost Buy Now Make Specific Selections
14000 £2,000
25000 £4,000
20000 £4,000
10000 £1,500
1700 £500
40000 £1,500
11000 £2,000
140000 £20,000
15000 £2,500
35000 £3,000
50000 £15,000
20000 £2,500
15000 £1,500
7500 £1,500

All prices quoted are for a 12 month license, subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and a £25 set up and delivery fee.