Live Public Sector Database Subscriptions for Marketing, Research and Stakeholder Engagement.


The world of Public Services. Accurate, selectable, structured and live.

The largest database of Public Sector Organisations and Postholders in the UK.

We provide live bespoke public sector postholder database subscriptions to clients wanting to communicate with and market to UK Public Services. As well as those wishing to research and compile information about this sector.

All Subscriptions include access to our live database and include unlimited updates via our award winning online database selection and download system.

Structured specifically for marketing, research and stakeholder engagement. Delivered live via downloads and APIs for direct use or integration into your own database systems. Selections can be made in any number of ways; including by Organisation Type, Job Function, Management Level and Area, Region or Postcode.

To discover more, take a look at the areas of the database and supporting information

Datasets across all areas of UK Public Services

Our Public Sector database covers all areas of Government, Healthcare, Housing and Education. The table below lists the primary areas, the volume of records available and links to each datasheet for more information. Alternatively, you can move straight to our online selection tool and build you own count and receive an instant quotation.




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MPs and Lords


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

Central Government


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

Local Government Management


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

Local Government Councillors


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

Parish Councils


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

Schools and MATs


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

Further and Higher Education


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Full Datasheet Selection Tool

NHS Management


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

GP Surgeries


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

NHS Consultants


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Care Homes and Private Health


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

Dental Practices


Full Datasheet Selection Tool

Housing Associations


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Oscar Database Information

More about the Oscar Database, including a deep dive into our research procedures, technical structure and field coverage. Methods of delivery to clients. Functional category codes and descriptions plus legal and compliance documents.



Take a deep dive into our database; a detailed view of our updating, processes and methodologies.

The Oscar Database

How the data is delivered to users, including download, API and other automation options.

Data Delivery Options

The field structure of the data we supply. Our data dictionary lists all standard and optional fields and their descriptions.

Oscar Data Dictionary

A live document listing all our unique postholder functional categories, their codes and descriptions.

Job Function Categories

Why use our postholder functional categories rather than job titles for selections and targeting.

Job Titles vs Functions

If you intend to use our data for calling. We can add Telephone Preference Service flags to your selections

TPS Screening Options

Details of our Data Compliance and Transparency summarised as a Q&A with links to further important documents.

GDPR and Compliance Q&A

Our Terms of Database Usage for anyone viewing or holding Oscar data.

Terms and Conditions

Case Studies

Over the last 25 years we are proud to have provided data solutions to organisations ranging from Government Departments to SME's and everyone in the middle. Some case studies can be explored below.


Corporate Legal Firm


Our client is a medium size legal practice with a number of clients across Government and Housing. Their objective was to move from ad-hoc marketing and create a fresh sustained and consistent email marketing campaign to share content, case studies and thought leadership across Public Services to increase awareness, engagement and ultimately generate leads for their sales and account management team.


  • Identifying all organisations in their market
  • Finding and maintaining suitable prospects and influencers
  • Decaying customer List
  • Multiple disparate sources of data
  • Unable to identify post holders by responsibility
  • Time to maintain own data and keep up with market changes
  • Ensuring compliance around post holder communication

Which meant:

  • Missing prospects and potential clients
  • Significant internal time to research and locate prospect orgs and postholders
  • Declining engagement with current marcomms activities
  • Decaying data with high bounce rate
  • Unable to target or analyse due to lack of profiling


We consulted with the client on the areas of Government and sizes of organisations that would be the best fit for them. Selecting from across our 800 functional responsibilities we agreed the decision makers and influencers that would be most appropriate for the campaign. Having matched their current list of clients and prospects to the universe of organisations within their target areas, we provided an initial analysis of data and market coverage and potential. We then provided guidance on compliance around their campaign and supported them creating a legitimate interest assessment. Ultimately delivering a single feed, updated daily, of postholder data into their CRM system. Including both the contacts for their campaigns and linked organisational intel around types, sizes and structures to support analysis of their market and engagement.

Summary Benefits:

  • Complete coverage of market
  • Single source of all data
  • Updated, accurate and compliant
  • Data flow efficiencies
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Increased intelligence around market and engagement


Government Department


Our client is a Government Department who wished to reach a much wider set of Public Bodies and Stakeholders within them; across all levels of Public Services to communicate new Government policy around procurement, in order to offer support and training to those requiring it.


  • Limited organisational data coverage across some areas of Public Services
  • Multiple inconsistent data feeds
  • Patchy data around spend and entity type
  • Decaying and limited postholder data
  • Difficulty segmenting audience by size and importance

Which meant:

  • Unable to identity and communicate to the full audience
  • Inability to tailor messaging and focus
  • Significant time costs compiling, standardising and analysing data
  • Ultimately less ability to support and enforce official policy


Consulting with the Department on the types of organisations and representatives that should be included in the audience scope, we built a live feed of data for the client through download and API for integration into their own systems. This included standardised functional, geographic, organisation type and size categories. We then used our contract award data to link to the clients chosen list of organisations and produced some summary data that could be included in the feed, including total spend across all contracts, as a time series and the overall number of contracts awarded.

Summary Benefits:

  • Complete audience coverage in one feed
  • Single standard format and structure
  • Ability to analyse, segment and target based on relevance and size
  • Live, accurate and compliant data
  • Significant time and data flow efficiencies


Government Membership Organisation


Our client is a membership organisation focused on Local Government. Their objective was to ensure they had comprehensive and current postholder data across management and elected posts within their membership organisations. To ensure the management of data for and timely delivery of their monthly hard copy publication and to offer electronic choice and alternatives for recipients of the publication.


  • Limited resource to manage and update all postholder data
  • Limited categorisation of roles and responsibilities
  • Multiple sources, feeds and systems around the sector
  • Managing updates, preferences and opt-outs for receipt of publication

Which meant:

  • Difficulty communicating to all of their members
  • Significant time and resource cost in data research and management
  • Less choice and value for members and readership
  • Restricted ability for analysis and targeting


Working with the client and building a system for keeping a live match to their membership organisations, we scoped and set-up a live feed of all management and political postholders across these organisations, including detailed functional responsibilities and political affiliations. We created a new set of internal research processes and committed to ensuring all elected representatives would be updated within 3 weeks of the annual elections. We set up a dedicated email address for recipients of the clients publication so they could email to provide updates and preference changes and built these updates into our research workflow and formed a bespoke client team across research and account management to manage both the updates and communicating changes back to the client. We then built a new monthly process including these update and preference changes alongside the usual updating of the Oscar database which fed into a set of bespoke data files that are built specifically for the clients publisher to their specifications to consume for segmentation and ultimately postal distribution.

Summary Benefits:

  • Significant time, data and workflow efficiencies
  • Live, accurate and compliant data
  • Single standard format and Structure
  • Timely communication with new elected members
  • Substantial print, cost and environmental savings
  • Greater choice and engagement for and with membership
  • Better ability to analyse, segment and target membership