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The largest database of Public Sector Organisations and Contacts in the UK.

We provide a range of Public Sector contact and organisational data subscriptions and services to clients wanting to communicate with and market to UK Public Services. As well as those wishing to research and compile information about this sector. All Subscriptions include access to our live database and include unlimited updates and downloads via our award winning online database selection and download system.

Available in formats suitable for marketing, research and on or offline publication. We provide customised data feeds for websites, directories and other database systems. Data is selectable in a number of ways; including by Organisation Type, Job Function, Management Level and Area, Region or Postcode. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

Areas of Government, record counts and links to datasheets as follows

Area of Government
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Number of Records Complete 12 Month Subscription
(Includes Unlimited Updates and Downloads)
Make Specific Counts and Selections
(Generate Bespoke Quotes)
Local Government Officers 25000 £4,000
Local Government Councillors 23000 £4,000
Parish Councils 15000 £2,000
Central Government and QUANGOS 6500 £1,000
MPs 1000 £500
Schools 31000 £1,200
Further and Higher Education 15000 £2,000
NHS 50000 £20,000
NHS Management 12000 £2,500
NHS GP Surgeries and CCG 30000 £3,000
NHS Consultants 49438 £15,000
Housing Associations 12000 £1,000
Care Homes 22000 £2,000
Dentists 9781 £1,000
Complete Organisational Database 90202 £8,000
Public Service Exchange Subscription 201700 £30,000

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