Public Sector Customer Analysis and Potential (CAP) Report

The CAP report uses the Oscar database as a benchmark to match and profile your current Public Sector customer database; providing both intelligence around existing clients and data enhancement potential.

As the market leader in Public Sector data we have an unrivalled universe of Government and Public Service organisations and posts upon which to build insights and as an informed gateway to providing new prospects and data.

The report can be provided as a Powerpoint, HTML, iFrame, Google Doc or PDF.

The clients database is returned with matches of both contacts and organisations flagged, plus those organisations suspected of being duplicated and/or defunct.

On the basis of the report, we can then provide costings for any enhancement, new data or bespoke research work that may be required as well as possibilities for automated data feeds, updates and integration into the Oscar database.

Sample Report

The report includes analysis of:

Current Customers and Prospects Analysis

>Current Organisation, site and contact volumes

>Current Data Audit

>Insights from Current Data

>Current Geographical Coverage, including heat map

Matches and Enhancement to Current Data

>Match Overview

>Analysis and Insights based on Matches

>Sector Specific Analysis

>Enhancements Available

Universe and New Data Potential

>New Potential Data Overview

>Analysis of New Potential Data

>Comparison Visuals

>Map of New Organisations

Summary and Recommendations

>Industry Expert Analysis of current database, recommended action points and a general summary of the data and markets covered.