Providing a unique and in-depth picture of your current Public Sector market coverage and, as importantly, a clear view of your total potential market. Based on an understanding of your organisation, combined with your current customer and prospect data benchmarked against the Oscar, geo and regulatory data universe, this package provides actionable analysis, insights, enhancements and data. Tied off with a neat summary and recommendations shaped bow.


Furthering choice, collaboration and knowledge for the public and all working with and within UK Public Services

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The Supplier #deepdive package is for organisations who wish to know more about their current Public Sector market coverage and to see the potential beyond it

Some questions:

  • How much do you know about your Public Sector prospect and customer organisations?
  • Do you know which of your customers are Public Bodies and which are not?
  • Any idea which of your Public Sector prospects have gone, changed or merged?
  • How much of the market do you cover and can you analyse it?
  • Do you struggle to identify new prospects from sectors you've had success in?

If so, or even if you hadn't before, then please explore the deliverables of this service and if you have any questions, just give us a shout.

The Supplier #deepdive package includes an initial conversation about you, your business, products, services and customers. We’re looking to understand your current thoughts and ambitions and also to determine exactly what’s most meaningful for you to know about your customer data and the Public Sector market.

Product Features


Initial Hour Direct Consultation

Existing Data Analysis

Potential Market Analysis

Flagging and Enhancement

Summary and Recommendations

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More detail

Using the live Oscar organisational database of 90,000 Public Bodies as a benchmark, combined with millions of rows of open, regulatory and geographic data and a little bit of magic in the middle we match and profile your current data. The resulting report and returned data includes:

Existing Customer Analysis: We take a detailed look at the volume of organisations, their types and locations as well as a general audit and flagging of dupes and other potential data issues.


Potential Market Analysis: Based on your existing data we provide an in-depth analysis of the rest of your market, including by types, metrics and geo.

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Flagging and Enhancement: We provide a summary of duplicates, organisations that have merged or gone and a set of additional fields and values that can be added to your data.


Summary and Recommendations: Based on our consultation, your data and a data driven picture of your complete market, we provide a summary of where you are and a series of recommendations and action points.

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To accompany the report we also return a copy of your data with flags and additional fields generated through the project

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