Providing a bespoke and detailed overview of your Public Sector Contract Market. Based on an understanding of your organisation we provide analysis of the total contract market value, buyers, competitors and other suppliers. With actionable feeds and alerts to help understand and expand your position in the UK Public Sector market.


Furthering choice, collaboration and knowledge for the public and all working with and within UK Public Services

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The Supplier #ContractIntel package is for suppliers who wish to understand the Public Contracts market across the UK Public Sector for their services. How much the market is worth, who's supplying who and which parts of Government buy their products or services.

For example, have you ever wondered:

  • How big is our available pubsec contract market?
  • Who are the main buyers, how many of them are there and how much are they spending?
  • Who are our main competitors and how well are they doing?
  • How do I find the next contract opportunity and how do I find out about expiring contracts?

If so, or even if you hadn't before, then please explore the deliverables of this service and if you have any questions, just give us a shout.

The Supplier #ContractIntel package includes an initial conversation about you, your business, products and services to help us understand how best to provide a meaningful analysis of your Public Sector market. We set up a weekly feed to summarise the market and a daily alert service to notify you of new oppurtunities. We then provide an analysis of your market (more on this below) and provide a list of the next 50 relevant contracts that are due to expire.

Product Features


Initial Hour Direct Consultation

Market Value and Size

Buyer and Contract Analysis

Next 50 Expiring Contracts

Tailored Daily and Weekly Feeds

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More detail

Based on your business we configure a daily feed of relevant tender invitations sent directly to your inbox. We also provide a weekly summary of awards value, volume and change across Public Services by email.

The analysis included in your report includes:

The overall value and size of the market available from Public Sector Contracts, annually and over the past 5 years. This includes the number of awards, buyers and value.


A list of your top 20 competitors - how many contracts they’ve won and how much they were worth.


A detailed analysis of the Buyers across that market - their types, locations and volume.

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A downloadable list of the next 50 contracts expiring in your market - with current providers, values and expiry dates.


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