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Government and Public Sector Marketing Lists covering over 300,000 post holders across 90,000 organisations. Extensive categorisation and expert advice available from the longest established Public Sector data provider in the UK.


Public Sector Network - Enter your Location and Discover the World of UK Public Services uniquely linked and accessible. Political, Geographic, Organisational, Structural, Contract, Supplier, Relationship and Demographic Data Mapped


A range of compiled data driven reports, includng our Local Authority Political Analysis Report. In-depth analysis of the current political landscape across Local Government including Historical comparisons.


Award winning online data selection and download system, with live updates, infinite selection criteria and saved searches. Enables subscribers to keep up to date with our research and benefit from the freshest data and details of the latest changes in Government


Public Sector Network. The largest free news, events and online directory of Government organisations and contacts available. In-depth searching, organisation charts and direct contact information for over 210,000 Public Sector contacts across 80,000 organisations.


PSN Supplier Subscription. Inclusion in our directory of UK Government suppliers. Extensively profiled with free to access for anyone working in Government. Click here to see the benefits and get your organisation listed.


We offer a range of data services, including data matching, de-duplication, enhancement as well as bespoke research, market research and project planning. We also offer an e-mail broadcast and reporting service. More information here...


Organisational Intelligence and Benchmarketing Database. Every Government and Public Sector Organisation in the UK. Provided with detailed categorisation, demographics and core contact information.


Database of Central Government, including all Departments, Agencies and NDPB's as well a number of other QUANGO's. Includes direct contact information for all Senior and Mid-Level Civil Servants and Employees. Extensively categorised by organisation type, funding structure and job function


Database of Local Government organisations and employees.The largest and most in-depth available in the UK. Includes direct contact information for all Local Councillors and over thirty thousand Senior and Mid-Level Management contacts. Extensively categorised by organisation type and job function.


Database of the NHS, covering all areas of Healthcare including GP Surgeries and Clinical Commissioning Groups through to Acute Hospital Trusts and Boards. Includes direct contact information for all Senior and Mid-Level Management contacts as well as senior Medical and Clinical Leads and Consultants.


Database of UK Housing Associations and Registered Social Landlords. Includes in-depth information relating to, Organisation Types, Housing and Accommodation type and volume as well as including direct contact information for a wide range of management contacts profiled by a wide variety of job functions.


Database of all Colleges and Universities in the UK. Includes in-depth categorisation of institution type and the number of students within each organisation as well as direct contact information for a wide range of management and academic contacts profiled by a wide variety of job functions.


Database of Parish Councils.Covering all Parish, Town and Community Councils in the UK. Includes details of the parent Local Authorities and direct contact information for all Parish Clerks and Chairs.


Database of Schools. Covers all Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools in the UK. Including Academies, Community and Independent Schools. Includes in-depth information relating to Pupil Roll/School Specialisms/Age Range/Parent LEA and all have a named Head Teacher and full contact information.


Database of Care Homes.Covering all Care and Care with Nursing Homes in the UK, as well as Private Hospices and Hospitals. Includes details of Specialisms and the number of beds available for each Home/Hospital. Includes the direct contact information for the Manager for every organisation.


Database of MPs and Lords. Covering all elected Members of Parliament, the devolved Government and the European Parliament, as well as all Members of the House of Lords. Includes parliamentary contact information and details Cabinet Positions and Responsibilities.


Database of Dental Practices. Covering all UK Dental Practices and Practice Managers. Including in-depth information relating to geography and size. Data available includes addresses, phone numbers and email addresses


Public Sector Intelligence

Fusing our universe of UK Public Service organisations with geographic, contract and open data sources underpinned by our Public Sector knowledge, research and database expertise; we offer a unique range of data driven benchmarking, reporting, insights, live feeds, intelligence and consultancy.
We work with Strategy, Business Development and Sales Professionals to provide:

  • Customer Database Analysis
  • Political and Sector Analysis
  • Contract, Market and Supplier Intelligence
  • Feeds for Benchmarking, Screening and Credit Checking
  • Geographic and Mapping Solutions
  • Bespoke Data Processing and Feeds
  • Market Research

Delivered live through our online platform, data visualisations, API feeds and downloads.

Public Sector Engagement

We research and provide the most complete database of UK Government and Public Service Post Holders as part of the largest free Public Sector news, data and information network in the UK. Using extensive proprietary categorisation, structured and specifically built for research, marketing and stakeholder engagement. Our platform and data provide extensive digital media, advertising and direct communication opportunities.
We work with Communication, Research, Sales and Marketing Professionals to provide:

  • Supplier Profile and Promotion
  • Digital Content Syndication and Event Calendar
  • eNewsletter Promotion
  • Marketing and Communication Data
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • e-Lobbying Tool

Delivered live through our online platform, API feeds and downloads.


Our mission

We facilitate better communication to, engagement with and understanding of UK Public Services through unique research, accurate data and innovative data driven systems.

Our Vision

To never stop learning, growing and evolving - Furthering choice, collaboration and knowledge for the public and all working with and within UK Public Services.

One Pager

We Love Data

Curating our own live Public Sector database and combining it with Geographic, Regulatory and Open information opens up a world of possibility for delivering our mission statement and endless scope for continuing to learn, evolve and develop. With over 500 million data points, and clients from across all sectors every data driven solution we deliver provides new insights, understanding and engagement.

Our Research

Since 1984


For nearly 40 years we have been researching, managing and providing Public Sector data, tracking and providing advice and guidance on the Government structure and market and matching client requirements to information and data solutions, our sales and research team have over 300 years of Government experience between them.


Tens of thousands of data users and contributors across Government, Public Services and Charities from Members of the Public to Members of Parliament our data and platforms are used for everything from finding a School to Government policy.


We work with strategy, research, communication, sales and marketing professionals across Government Departments, Local Authorities, Universities and Colleges, Agencies, Third Sector and Business of all sizes. We are particularly proud of having been providing data solutions to some of our customers for over 30 years.

Client Feedback


Experience, Live, Data, Coverage, Solutions, Insight, Accuracy, Knowledge, Integrity, Value


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What our clients say

University of Central Lancashire

We switched to Oscar Research last year and have not looked back. We are looking forward to many more years working with the Oscar team.

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We have found Oscar Research’s databases to be very useful and accurate on a number of occasions. We would happily recommend their services.

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Local Government Information Unit

I have always found Oscar-Research to be extremely helpful...Their dataset is very comprehensive on local government officers and councillors."

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