Useful information about our database research, structure, delivery and compliance

Oscar Database Information

This page is for prospective or existing Oscar database subscribers.

More about the Oscar Database, including a deep dive into our research procedures, technical structure and field coverage. Methods of delivery to clients. Functional category codes and descriptions plus legal and compliance documents.

Take a deep dive into our database; a detailed view of our updating, processes and methodologies.

The Oscar Database

How the data is delivered to users, including download, API and other automation options.

Data Delivery Options

The field structure of the data we supply. Our data dictionary lists all standard and optional fields and their descriptions.

Data Structure

A live document listing all our unique postholder functional categories, their codes and descriptions.

Job Function Categories

Why use our postholder functional categories rather than job titles for selections and targeting.

Job Titles vs Functions

If you intend to use our data for calling. We can add Telephone Preference Service flags to your selections

TPS Screening Options

Details of our Data Compliance and Transparency summarised as a Q&A with links to further important documents.


Our Terms of Database Usage for anyone viewing or holding Oscar data.

Terms and Conditions

Next Steps

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