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Replacement of agricultural shed at Natural England's Kilmeston Barn site

Removal and disposal of existing building, excavation and installation of concrete base, construction of replacement agricultural shed to specification. The specification for new shed and base: Base: Current shed is sat directly on the ground, and requires excavation and construction of new concrete base of relevant size for new shed. There are 2 (2.9x3.6m) areas of concrete that require removal or incorporation into new base. The level of the new concrete base is to be in line with the existing external concrete plinth in front of shed. Spoil will need to be removed from site. Shed: Dimensions - 16m wide x 7.0m deep x eves 2.4m, ridge height 3.6-3.9m (see figure 2 for basic design and dimensions) Materials Frame - wooden or metal Exterior Cladding - appropriate wooden cladding Roofing - metal box profile roof (grey/black/brown) Guttering - plastic (to match roofing colour) Design: (see attached diagrams) We require an open shed (portal type) - with two sets of double doors either end of front side (3m wide - appropriate height), both to open outwards. Also a small hinged flap just below gutter is required on front side (0.6m wide x 0.3m high approx.) to allow summer access for Swallows. Appropriate sized air vents to be included in gable ends Internal walls to be clad with ply panels to approximately a board width height (1.2m approx) to provide protection to walls from stacked materials etc. Electrical and lighting Build to include connection of electrical supply to existing Kilmeston barn supply - approximately 35m from Kilmeston barn to new shed (cabling can be installed underground direct from barn to shed). Include instillation of 2 double socket power points either end of interior of shed Include relevant and appropriate type of strip-lighting within shed Timings: Build to be completed by end December 2017 Sustainability and standards - must comply with any relevant British or industrial standards.

Natural England

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Published: 4 Jul 2017, Receipt by: 21 Jul 2017