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Asbestos Management Surveys and Technical Support Services for Residential & Sheltered Housing Buildings for communal and associated areas

Scope of Services To undertake asbestos condition surveys, provide condition reports and recommendations for services in accordance with the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (L143 - second edition 2013) and HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide. The services are to be provided across the Councils Housing and Sheltered Housing portfolio as well as Corporate Properties as and when required over a 3 year period. The Service will be a mixture of fixed fee and call off against a Schedule of Rates as follows: Section 1 - Fixed Fee a. Surveys and Reports - Management Surveys Management surveys of approx 1000 communal locations within the council's residential housing stock as indicated in Appendix A. Some of these locations have previously been surveyed as detailed in Appendix C. b. Review of the current Asbestos Management Plans/Risk Assessments and recommendations for improvements and additions. Where a property does not have a current Management Plan/Risk Assessment, the supplier is to develop a suitable and comprehensive document, these locations shall be given priority c. Provision of a full asbestos register for each of the premises. d. Labelling of Asbestos Containing Materials (hereinafter referred to as "ACM"). Asbestos materials will be discreetly labelled if they are likely to be disturbed by maintenance or other services. Section 2 - Call off - Schedule of rates a. Surveys and Reports - Refurbishment/demolition Surveys of selected client properties, both Housing and Corporate, and the provision of fully documented reports b. Surveys and Reports - Management Surveys at additional locations (both Housing and Corporate) to those listed in the appendices to this specification c. Scoping and specification preparation for all identified asbestos remediation services d. Full compliance site & air monitoring service (UKAS) required during remediation services - to include contractor checks/audits, background, leak, reassurance and 4-stage air clearance testing e. Undertaking priority assessments for all identified ACM throughout the portfolio f. Project Management advice and assistance as required g. Emergency incidents All asbestos reports and other documentation should be provided as 1 Hard Copy and 2 Electronic Copies (1 copy in data collection format (KGI Bulk Data Upload) and 1 copy in PDF format). All surveys and management plans for those properties listed in Appendix A are to be completed and submitted within a 12 month timescale from a date to be agreed with the successful tenderer. The London Borough of Hillingdon can offer no guarantees of the volume or value of orders that are to be made throughout the life of this contract.

London Borough of Hillingdon, Civic Centre,

Contract value: 300000

Published: 4 Jul 2017, Receipt by: 9 Aug 2017