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Harvest Grain Sourcing & Testing

AHDB are seeking supplier/s to deliver its 2017 harvest survey. Supplier/s are required to source wheat grain samples of specified varieties and to determine their quality by testing for moisture, specific weight, protein and Hagberg Falling Number and undertaking Chopin Alveograph and wet gluten tests. The survey results help determine the quality of wheat varieties for export under AHDB's ukp and uks classifications. The results are combined and used to communicate the quality of ukp and uks wheat to the UK grain trade and overseas buyers as part of AHDB's exports activity. The harvest survey process is split into two distinct stages. Suppliers can tender for just stage one, or just stage two, or alternatively suppliers can tender to complete both stages together. Suppliers tendering for just one stage will need to be prepared to work efficiently with a second supplier to deliver the overall harvest survey. **AHDB reserves the right to appoint either one or two suppliers to deliver the harvest survey to its best advantage. The two stages will run concurrently and are likely to last no longer than three months in total (from the start of harvest until the end of October 2017. Stage one includes sourcing the specified grain samples and conducting the moisture, specific weight, protein and Hagberg Falling Number tests. If two suppliers are appointed, the stage one supplier will need to send samples on to the stage two supplier. Stage two involves conducting Chopin Alveograph and wet gluten tests. For the full specification, please contact Derek Carless by email (address below) to request a copy.


Derek Carless
Stoneleigh Park

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Published: 4 Jul 2017, Receipt by: 21 Jul 2017