Public Sector Network Tender Alert


Service and Maintenance of Fixed and Mobile Radio/Nuclide Detection Equipment.

Provision of maintenance and support to mobile and fixed RN detection equipment across the UK and juxtaposed ports to establish a common and consistent service for support and maintenance of fixed and mobile RN detection technologies operational from March 2019; As part of the Strategic Service Integration Project,transition existing service to a disaggregated services model; detection is part of the whole system. Scope of Services includes: Support, maintenance, configuration and calibration of all detection systems in place and future (including CCTV and ANPR systems, Radioisotope Identification RIDs and automated traffic management systems) and existing and future MRDUs and hand-held RIDs; may include underlying IT Platform. Provision for testing and consistent maintenance of new detection technology from multiple vendors; Transition of live detection services from existing to new commercial arrangements; Service Management of transitioned full Service Integration services for the Detection Services Tower.

Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF, United Kingdom

Contract value: 50000000-75000000

Published: 28 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 31 Jul 2017