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Emergency Works West Smithfields CF

The emergency repair works are to be carried out in the old market buildings of the West Smithfield Market site. The building is unlisted but is positioned at the heart of the Smithfield Conservation Area and its presence contributes to the character of the Conservation Area. The general condition of these buildings is poor, with areas of decay and localized collapse, mostly caused by historic water ingress. The works in Contract 3 follow two smaller construction contracts that have addressed specific defects in the buildings. The first contract undertook some emergency repair works to the roof, to address the worst areas of rainwater ingress. Contract 2, which is on-going, will prop areas of the structure that are defective and in a state of semi collapse. The propping has been designed in a way that will enable access so that the professional team can carry out site surveys to define the repair works required in Contract 3. The proposed works forming Contract 3 are essentially emergency works and will include making areas of the structure safe, providing temporary propping / repairs to decayed timber structures and repairing areas of the roof to address water ingress. A substantial portion of this contract is likely to involve working in areas where the structure has been affect by water ingress and rot therefore localised dismantling will be required. The works are likely to involve sorting through the fabric to salvage items and allowing them to be stored on site and clearing the rest from site. The successful Contractor will be invited to establish a methodology and sequencing of this process to meet the objectives of the Design Team.


Michael Harrington

Contract value: 1300000

Published: 30 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 13 Jul 2017