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Framework for Assessment and Review of Social Care Support Services to the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Framework for assessment and review of Social Care Support Services The Council requires suitably experienced and qualified providers with a proven track record of delivering to establishing a framework agreement consisting of 3 contractual lots with multiple providers on each lot. The framework will provide the provision of professional Social Work Staff with supervisory capacity to undertake re-assessment and reviews with service users. Staff will have transferable experience in other settings (outside of Barking and Dagenham). This will add to the local skill mix of knowledge, experience and expertise in achieving required outcomes.The provision of the framework will provide additional capacity, as required. Delivery of the required outcomes requires capacity, knowledge, skills and experience to capture opportunities, identify changes and gaps in the local market. The outcomes delivered by service providers will provide innovative solutions, more efficient use of resources implemented and identified to inform market shaping and Commissioning Strategy Tenderers should note that there are three Lots: •Lot 1 - Older People people who are over 65 years of age who are in need to care and support through reasons of Vulnerable, and or Frailty and People with Dementia over 65 years of age and meeting eligibility under the Care Act. 3 Providers •Lot 2 - People of working age with Mental Health needs (who may be receiving multidisciplinary support and intervention) and Vulnerable Adults in need of Care and Support and meeting eligibility under the Care Act. 2 Providers •Lot 3 - People with a Learning and or Physical Disability in need of care and support and meeting eligibility under the Care Act. 2 Providers. It is anticipated that the required reviews will be grouped by the Council into groups of 100 service reviews at a time and issued out to ALL the appointed providers for mini competition to the evaluation criteria of the framework agreement. Commissioning Contact Mr David Millen :- Procurement Contact Mr Richard Barrett :-


Mr D Millen
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Published: 6 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 30 Jun 2017