Public Sector Network Tender Alert


Emergency Medicines Buffer Stock (EMBS) Consultancy.

This is a notification that the Department is running a sub OJEU Open Procurement for the services described. - (for which see ITT ref number 60432,1).Interested suppliers need to register on the BMS system if they have not done so already. Details of registration can be found on the attached instructions document and link provided. This Invitation to Tender relates to the procurement by open sub OJEU tender to award a Contract for the provision of consultancy services for Emergency Medicines Buffer Stocks. DH is responsible for the security of supply of medicines and takes the lead in the prevention, mitigation and management of medicines supply problems within the UK. DH is also responsible for ensuring that plans are in place to prevent and respond to outbreaks of infectious disease and other threats to the health of the population including an influenza pandemic. In the event of a pandemic or other health emergency it is likely that medicines supply will be disrupted. Supply disruptions could put an additional burden on the health system. Medicines may not be available to treat people and patients relying on their regular medicines for existing conditions could be faced with a lack of availability of these medicines. This impacts the health of these patients but could also lead to more hospitalisations and potentially deaths during a time when the pressure on the NHS is already great. The threat of a severe pandemic remains real and a major government priority. This project has two separate deliverables: Deliverable 1: A reproducible methodology, using a MCDA-based approach, to populate and update a ranked list of essential medicines for inclusion within the Essential Medicines Buffer Stock, to support procurement Deliverable 2: A list of essential medicines for inclusion in the EMBS, ranked by the degree to which they are deemed essential, to satisfy various budget scenarios and a method for assessing their health benefits. Bidders are required to refer to the procurement documentation for full details of the requirement. The Contract is expected to be for a period of up to 8 weeks, with extension options. See attached Procurement documents. DH reserves the right to not proceed to Contract for this requirement.


Garry Raisbeck
Department of Health, Quarry House, Quarry Hill

Contract value: 60000-100000

Published: 8 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 26 Jun 2017