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Winter Bureau Service and Maintenance Contract

This specification outlines the requirements for the provision and operation of a service to include the operation and maintenance of the network of the Outstations and associated software. Under the Contract the Service Provider shall make available the following services: - Maintain and operate the network of Outstations and be responsible for the inspection, calibration, maintenance, repair and modification of the installations/equipment included within the contract and stipulated in the Schedule of Equipment. Management of the data from each outstation to enable by remote monitoring the road surface and atmospheric conditions for the detection and prediction of ice formation and other adverse weather conditions. The maintenance of all associated ice prediction software. Manage sensor data (and camera images where installed) from Outstations The facility to digitally display Thermal Map data. Provide all of the features described in this document. The Service Provider will also be expected to engage with the AGMA Combined Authorities in developing and improving the delivery of the winter service during the term of the contract.


STAR Procurement
1st Floor
Trafford Town Hall
M32 0TH
+44 1619121616

Contract value: 500000-500000

Published: 20 Nov 2017, Receipt by: 5 Jul 2017