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Further market engagement - West Essex CCG Integrated Urgent Care - NHS 111, GP Extended Access and GP OOH Services

West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group is undertaking a market engagement event in order to commission an Integrated Urgent Care Service. This is event is a follow up event from that held on 21st February and is to update potential providers on the CCGs plans for commissioning and procurement of these services. It is expected that the Integrated Urgent Care Service will be inclusive of the following: NHS 111; GP Out of Hours; Clinical Hub; and GP Extended Access The services are to be procured based on the Integrated Urgent Care Commissioning standards published in September 2015 to deliver to the public and healthcare professionals a single point of telephony access into urgent care alongside their registered GP and affording the CCG the ability to co-ordinate urgent care intervention through the NHS 111 service, the clinical hub, GP Extended Access and GP OOHs. The offer for the public will be a single entry point - NHS 111 - to fully integrated services in which organisations collaborate to deliver high quality, clinical assessment, advice and treatment and to shared standards and processes with clear accountability and leadership. It is imperative therefore that the services allow for movement of patients seamlessly from one element of the system to the other, streamlining the experience for patients, reducing unnecessary waiting and inefficiency The services should not be limited to treating patients, but must also be committed to empowering the population to self-care where appropriate with a focus on education and lifestyle modification. The new provider will need to plan for online and digital provision in the future in order to make it easier for the public to access urgent health advice and care. This will increasingly be in a way that offers a personalised and convenient service that is responsive to people's health care needs. The service will assess patients with their care needs, working in partnership with the wider care system across ambulance, primary, community, secondary, mental health, social care and the voluntary sector. It is essential that clinicians working in the services are supported by the availability of clinical records SCR and ESCR as well as Electronic Prescribing and other locally available systems. The IT system must also allow directly bookable appointments to a range of providers. The services will deliver a clinically led, patient focussed sustainable high quality service with operational efficiency. Accessible to all patients, utilising telephony and digital technologies (multi-channel) to deliver the most clinically appropriate and value for money outcome. Procurement Process To support the Procurement process West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group plans to hold a pre-procurement 'Market Awareness Provider Event' on 14th June 2017, 2pm - 3.30pm. Potential providers wishing to register to attend should visit the Attain Bravo portal via the link provided and search PQQ_91

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Published: 31 May 2017, Receipt by: 1 Jan 2001