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SH05130 - Electrical Upgrade Programme 2017-2021

The aim of this project is to bring approximately 11,250 properties up to a modern day electrical standard by March 2021. Many of our properties have not received electrical works for decades, and the Decent Homes programme did not fund a whole house dedicated programme of electrical works. This 4 year programme - which is identified as a priority in the HRA Business Plan - will therefore include the following works:Statutory or Regulatory Requirements:Install Isolation Switch.Carry out an initial periodic condition test and report. Address Category 1, 2 and 3 issues identified by the periodic test. Ensure earth bonding is adequate.Install earth wiring to lighting circuits.Install Hard Wired Smoke alarms.Carry out final periodic tests.Replace consumer unit to provide improved RCD protectionInstall additional sockets and / or improve the spread of sockets.Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors.Install external lighting to houses, bungalows & flats. The Council intends to appoint 2 contractors so those with the highest scores following the tender evaluation will be appointed.


Lisa Oxley
Capital Delivery Service
Level 3, East Wing, Moorfoot
S1 4PL
United Kingdom
+44 1142736215

Contract value: 13400000-13400000

Published: 10 Nov 2017, Receipt by: 28 Jun 2017