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PC05370 - Emergency Work (Stand-by Term Contract) 2017-2019

The Works comprise a stand-by term Contract for emergency work and making safe or associated work to any property, building or structure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including demolition of structures, strutting, propping, shoring, structural scaffolding, boarding up openings, Heras fencing, site accommodation, site based security, making good surfaces and structures and associated work. The Works will be carried out piecemeal under Orders issued by the Contract Administrator. Certain work in this category will be carried out by the Council's Repairs and Maintenance Service and / or Amey (if the Works impact upon the Highway Project Network) and, as such, this Contract will partly be a stand-by service in the event of the Council's Repairs and Maintenance Service and / or Amey not being able to undertake the preparatory work of boarding up and / or fencing. Properties and adjacent properties may be occupied during the progress of the Works. Emergency work requirements will be handed to the Contractor, either written or orally, based on an Order for each separate occurrence. The scope of work will vary greatly depending on the characteristics of each particular site or nature of the incident. Upon receipt of an Order the Contractor shall within 2 hours attend site, and if safe to do so, commence the work described on the Order. No continuity of work can be guaranteed. The Contractor shall allow in his rates for any additional costs in relation to out-of-sequence or uneconomical working methods and disruption due to the aforementioned criteria.


Lisa Oxley
Capital Delivery Service
Level 3, East Wing, Moorfoot
S1 4PL
United Kingdom
+44 1142736215

Contract value: 325000-325000

Published: 4 Sep 2017, Receipt by: 12 Jun 2017