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An integral part of the Industrial Strategy, Construction 2016 - 2020 is the HM Government's Digital Built Britain (DBB) Strategy published in February 2015. The strategy brings together the Business and Professional Services Strategy, the Smart Cities Strategy and the Information Economy Strategy to provide a consistent vision regarding the creation of a high performing and transparent economy that efficiently delivers services to all of its citizens. The vision for Digital Built Britain is to provide a seamless transition from the achievements of Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the Construction Strategy into an environment where technology as a system is second nature. This will enable a thriving UK Digital Economy for the Built Urban Environment to encourage growth and competitiveness and facilitate dramatically better use of current and future infrastructure assets. BIM and Smart Cities were developed under two separate remits that approached the same target of citizen centric design. BIM was developed with treasury capital spending on Infrastructure in mind. Smart Cities Standards were developed from citizen needs reflecting inward to the design of the city. Clearly the convergence point of these standards leads to cost-optimised and society-optimised urban infrastructure. That is the vision of Digital Built Britain. At the HM Government's Budget of 2016, £15m was made available to fund the DBB Programme which is run by Innovate UK on behalf of BEIS to deliver the following: • Providing departmental support and British Standards for Level 2 BIM and Smart Cities. • Increased international trade and opportunities for growth for UK SME's. • Development of a Level 3 BIM programme as announced in February 2015. • Cyber security of Infrastructure and Data. • Large-scale operational data gathering through Internet of Things (IOT). • Private sector investment and engagement. • A series of early adopter projects focusing on Level 2A and manufacturing technologies.This opportunity relates to the Level 2 BIM workstream whose primary purpose is to provide strategic leadership to help define the framework/process to implement BIM Level 2 BIM and to support Department's continued adoption and development of common practices with regards to implementing BIM Level 2, cognisant of each Department's operating model.


Davinder Sarai
1 Sekforde Street
United Kingdom

Contract value: 50000-125000

Published: 22 May 2017, Receipt by: 30 May 2017