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Research Data Management

We are looking for a Research Data Management solution to enable management of active research data, and compliance with Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), other Research Council UK (RCUK) funders, Horizon 2020 and other funders' requirements for Research Data Management and Open Data. We are looking for a solution that will enable us to: o Store, manage and share (with collaborators) active data, complementing our in house virtual server provision (active data); o Store, manage, share and make selected data sets Open for public use (data repository) We are undertaking a two phase procurement exercise, which we expect to lead to the award of a single contract. In phase one, we are looking at software solutions that enable managing and sharing active data and making selected data Open for public use. Included in phase one, we expect tenders to include a broad description of how they would anticipate meeting our data storage needs with their solutions. We intend to shortlist to no more than 4 suppliers in phase one. In phase two, we will be asking those shortlisted suppliers to state how they will meet our full and final requirements, including data storage options. To that end, we attach our high level requirements for phase one, including our minimum acceptance criteria for data storage. Full data storage requirements will be issued in phase two. DMU has an in-house full virtualised data centre. We are open to the possibilities of a fully cloud or hybrid solution. The expected term of the proposed contract is three (3) years. Pricing must be firm for this period. Whilst the intended contract term is three (3) years, DMU requires the right to cancel it for convenience at three months' notice at any time. DMU is looking to work in the spirit of partnering to support research staff and postgraduate students, with a supplier who understands the research environment and can appreciate the nature and diversity of research data, as well as the need to meet funder, legislative and good practice requirements. DMU's definition of 'research data' can be found in its Guidelines for Good Practice in Research Data Management, available from The solution needs to be ready for piloting by the end of October 2017. We anticipate a piloting period of 3 months, following which any required configuration changes to be made with the solution ready for full roll out by March 2018. The Seller shall not unreasonably withhold, deny or delay giving its approval to any request to alter any part of the Contract made by the Buyer. Further details of the requirement are set out in the Statement of Requirements (SoR) forming part of this document.


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Published: 16 May 2017, Receipt by: 19 Jun 2017