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RSSB 2413 - Request for Expressions of interest in RSSB research project T1073 Loading Requirements for Track Systems

RSSB are seeking to develop a loading model for the design of track systems and plan to be going out to tender for the work in mid 2017. Organisations with capabilities and experience in this area are invited to express Background Whilst experience and evolution of design practice has taught track designers which combinations of components can work there is not an agreed set of loading requirements that can be used to help clients and designers install a demonstrably optimum arrangement of track parameters that can deliver the required performance of the track system over its design life. Building on the work of Work Package 1 (a technical review of track loading parameters, ) Work Package 2 will consider typical vehicle loading models to represent the spectrum of track forms on the mainline network (including HS1 and HS2) and a range of track models representing the spectrum of track forms including both ballastless and ballasted track types. The focus of the project is the creation of load models that can be used to specify any type of track form by changing the parameters in the track model. It is recognised that the model would need to be validated to have confidence in its use.   Scope of work The envisaged scope of work is: • To develop a methodology for determination of appropriate load models for the design of track systems. • To determine the maximum vertical, horizontal and longitudinal loads likely to be encountered for the rolling stock parameters considered and which should be applied for the design of particular track systems. • To determine the primary structural characteristics of track systems and their potential influence on the magnitude of the forces that are applied or the load effects that should be considered (e.g. influence length, resonance etc) to the track in the design process. • To determine for the primary load cases, the appropriate combinations of vertical, lateral and longitudinal loads due to railway traffic, and the influence of the associated environmental load due to wind (quasi-static load). • To develop guidance on the application of the methodology. • Independent verification of the model. Requested information in response We are inviting suppliers to provide us a short summary of their capabilities and experience in this subject area to help us deliver a successful project. Taking into account the following we would be pleased to receive a summary response (around 4 pages) by 1 June 2017 setting out your potential interest: • Track system modelling • Vehicle dynamics • Recent experience in track system design • Coordinating model validation Based on your experience, could you also give your view on how long the work to develop track and vehicle models might take to complete, taking into account the need for reviews by a project steering group. Your comments are also welcome on our current indicative budget for this work of around £250k.


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