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Digital Skills Training Framework

Essex County Council (ECC) in conjunction with the full members of the Essex Online Partnership (EOLP) and other public bodies are looking to establish a Framework Agreement to provide access to a diverse range of providers with a variety of training, development and delivery approaches. The Framework will be for a period of four years. The Framework Agreement has been split into four (4) Lots: Lot 1 - Developing IT Capability Lot 2 - Provision of e-learning Lot 3 - Project Support Lot 4 - Developing IT professionals Suppliers have the opportunity to tender for one or more of the above Lots. No level of expenditure is guaranteed under this Framework. The values stated are an estimate of the potential value of all contracts that may be entered into by ECC and other Public Sector partners named above throughout the duration of the Framework. The tender documents will be available via the Portal from the 17th May 2017. Please refer to the ECC Website, Supplying the council, portal page for guidance documents on how to use the system. To gain access to the portal please click on the following link: The link will take you to the Supplier portal page on the ECC website where there are two links: A. Register for the iSupplier portal. There is also guidance on how to register here. B. If you have already registered login here Below the two links are Bidders guidance on using the system. Once in the system to find this negotiation please do the following: 1. Bidders will need to go to the main menu & select ECC Sourcing Supplier > Sourcing > Sourcing Home Page. 2. At the top of the page there is an option for "search open negotiations" which should default to title. Bidders will need to put in the search box next to title the project number 0318 or event number 86005 & select go for the system to search for the live negotiation. 3. The negotiation will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the underlined negotiation number to go into the tender & attach yourself to the negotiation.


Cara Gale or Melanie Bailey
Essex County Council, Commercial Services,
PO Box 4, County Hall, Market Road

Contract value: 5000000

Published: 21 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 5 Jul 2017