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CBC-0738-T-TS Residual Waste Disposal

Disposal of residual waste collected at the kerbside and HWRCs (excluding bulky waste) and from street cleansing including litter picking, litter bins and dog waste bins. Lot 1: Kerbside Residual and Street Cleansing Waste Lot 2: Kerbside Residual Waste and Street Cleansing Waste Lot 3: Kerbside Residual Waste Lot 4: Street Cleansing Waste Tenderers may bid for all Lots, any combinations of Lots or just one Lot. The Council reserves the right to award any combination of Lots or not to award any Lots identified in this tender with no liability to the Council. Please note timeline with regards to questions and submission dates. All communication/correspondence and clarifications must be sent via the In-tend portal. Please do not contact Procurement directly. Deadline for the receipt of electronic Tender is 12 noon on Friday 16th June 2017 Deadline for receiving questions on In-tend system is Friday 9th June 2017 Deadline for accessing Tender documents is Wednesday 7th June 2017 Completed Tenders should be submitted electronically, by the due date via our \"in-tend\" electronic tendering system. Tenders must be uploaded via the \"My Return\" section of the system. Tenders submitted through the correspondence facility will not be considered. Please ensure that you inform us of your decision to participate. To submit a response, you will be required to Opt In. Opt In- This will confirm to us of your involvement and your intention to submit a return. Opt Out- This will confirm to us that you are not submitting a return. You will be able to provide a reason as to your decision and have the option to cease any system-generated communication. You will be able to opt back in at any point. The Council will provide as much support and information as it can to help guide you through the Tender process. Questions asked together with the response, will be made available to all suppliers tendering, to ensure a fair and consistent approach to all. If there is anything you are not sure of or need clarification of, then please contact us using the correspondence facility within the In-tend electronic tendering system. Please view the 'Clarification' tab for any updates or responses to questions asked. Target commencement date: 1st October 2017 See Tender documents for Contract term for each Lot


Tina Sanders
Priory House
SG17 5TQ
United Kingdom
0300 300 6625

Contract value:

Published: 6 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 14 Jun 2017