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Housing Related Support Contract

This contract is for the provision of a floating Housing Related Support (HRS) Service for a period of 24 months, with an option to extend for up to 12 additional months. The Service is to be available throughout the North Somerset area. HRS for the adult population will comprise a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary service to assess and meet the support needs of the majority of applicants, that will constitute short term support that relates to the continuance of a Service User's tenancy. The work does not include services considered to be domiciliary care such as personal care or domestic tasks. The successful provider is expected to continue the delivery of existing any HRS and take any new referrals from the commencement date. The provider must also support Council partners in the delivery of similar HRS services, and provide appropriate training to service users to prevent reoccurrence and suitable engagement to promote the use of these services by potential applicants. The Housing Related Support Contract will be a block contract with a fixed annual budget based upon the successful bid. It will operate over the entirety of the geographical area of North Somerset. The Provider must deliver the follow 3 service areas, proportioned across the budget as shown; Part One - Housing Related Support (85% of budget) - direct Housing Related Support designed to allow service users to continue their tenancy. Part Two - Supporting Partners (6.39% of budget) - supporting partner organisations of the Council to deliver similar Housing Related Support services in an holistic way. Part Three - Training & Engagement (8.61% of budget) - a number of schemes involve the input of a number of different stakeholders and the funding from other Contracts let by the Council. The Provider is expected to continue to provide and/or support these schemes in a way that does not destabilise the existing delivery or outcomes. The provider will be responsible for managing the budget, referrals and services offered to applicants to ensure there are sufficient, appropriate services available throughout the year. These services are currently delivered by an incumbent provider on behalf of the Council with a number of posts that are eligible for TUPE transfer. TUPE Information will be made available to bidders as a part of the tender process. For further information & detail, please review the tender documentation


Alistair Little
Town Hall
Walliscote Grove Road
BS23 1UJ
United Kingdom
+44 1275888502

Contract value: 6000000-6000000

Published: 8 May 2017, Receipt by: 6 Jun 2017