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Identifying and Assessing Energy Datasets to Improve the UK & DA GHG Inventories

1. Identify new and existing energy consumption datasets that could be used to improve the UK and DA GHG emissions (an initial list is provided in Table 1 in this proposal). (Task 1) 2. Map out how existing data flows through the DA inventories. (Task 2) 3. Review the potential new datasets to assess their usefulness against the following criteria (Task 3):  The data will improve the model currently used to distribute oil and coal use data to countries. iv  The data will allocate energy use (electricity, gas, coal and oil) more reliably to the residential, public and business sectors within each country.  The data provide a better understanding of energy use within each DA and its links with existing implemented energy efficiency actions.  The data may be integrated into DECC sub-national energy statistics methodologies to improve energy statistics and GHG time series data for DAs. (Task 4) 4. Outline methods that could be used to integrate data that is fit for purpose into an improved UK and DA GHG inventory. Our report to be delivered at the end of March 2012 will summarise the key strengths and weaknesses of each dataset assessed, in the context of implementing improvements to current national datasets and inventory methods to improve DA GHGI accuracy (and policy sensitivity where practicable).

Ref: TRN 303/11/2011,


Contract value: 15000.00 - 20000.00GBP

Published: 10 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 10 Mar 2013