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Ground Level Neutron Monitor based on helium-3 detectors

The University is inviting tenders on the terms set out in this ITT for the supply, delivery and installation of a first-of-a-kind instrument for ground-level neutron monitoring and spare components to form the basis of a second partial instrument. These will be utilised to support the aims of two UKRI-funded projects (ST/W001810/1, ST/X002241/1) to develop and demonstrate a (1) prototype network of (2) compact instruments, (3) that are suited for unattended operation in (4) relatively remote locations. Instruments will be (5) tested, and (6) test results presented to verify that such instruments can produce (7) comparable results to those from existing ground level neutron monitors, and potentially (8) enhance existing global capabilities. As proof of concept, a (9) network of one complete and one partial instrument will be demonstrated as part of a (10) test deployment, to provide (11) a compatible data stream for ingestion into the Metrological Office Space Weather Operations Centre (MOSWOC) and (12) feed into the airborne radiation modelling being developed as part of SWIMMR N2 (SWIMMR Aviation Risk Modelling - SWARM). The complete instrument will be deployed at an existing Metrological Office or British Geological Survey (BGS) field observation site. Flexibility in the data acquisition chain will facilitate the ingestion of data into MOSWOC. The partial instrument will be used in conjunction with the field-site deployed instrument to demonstrate the monitors operating as a network. There may be the possibility of a contract extension or additions to accommodate further compatible and complimentary purchases in the future (e.g., upgrading the partial instrument to a complete system). This will be subject to the award of grant funding to the University. We will notify you of the outcome of a funding application currently under review on the 12th December 2022. We therefore ask that quotations for such purchases be valid until 31st January 2023. The Metrological Office have confirmed the location site as the Met Office weather station (WMO id 03808), near Camborne, Cornwall. The site has fixed power and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) back-up, the Met Office comms network links at this site are soon to be updated to their new SurfaceNet data network. The Met Office feel this would be an opportune time to also bring in the new data from the ground level neutron monitor. The partial instrument will either be delivered to and stored at Lancaster University, or at local facility recommended by the vendors (this may include the vendors facilities or other and associated standing charge). Lancaster University reserves the right not to award a contract following this tender, nor does it bind itself to accept the lowest price or any quotation. The contract awarded shall not be split in multiple suppliers to fulfil the options. All enquiries regarding this tender are to be made via the correspondence tool in Int...


Amanda Fryers
United Kingdom
+44 1524594499

Contract value: 1000000-1200000

Published: 18 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 14 Nov 2022