Public Sector Network Tender Alert


Testing of Multiple Port Plug Towers/ Extension Sockets

"To perform testing on up to a total of 100 Multiple port plug tower / Extension sockets to verify compliance with Regulations (and any amendments to these): BS 1363-2:2016+A1:2018 Labelling assessment -Visual check according to regulation Reg 6 &39 CE (or UKCA mark) Reg 8 Type, batch or serial number Reg 8 Manufacturer name, trade name or trademark Reg 8 manufacturer address Reg18 Importer's name, trade name ortrade mark Reg 18 Importer'sUK/EUaddress Safety testing -Clause 8: Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation -Clause 9: Accessibility to live parts -Clause 15: Insulation resistance and electric strength"

1 Victoria Street

Contract value: 39500

Published: 18 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 12 Aug 2022