Public Sector Network Tender Alert


Website and advertising tracking

A tracking portal, providing data on advertising streams for requested websites, which are considered to be involved in copyright infringement. The following are the minimum requirements of the advertising portal; Total amount of adverts placed across IWL domains Total estimated advert impression across IWL domains Total number of brands Total advert intermediaries Total IWL domains that have advertising on them Total advert sector Eco system breakdown over date period Advert campaign type e.g., sponsored content, unidentifiable brands, gambling, adult, fraud & malware, major brands, other brands, etc. Breakdown of adverting sector/ sub sector. E.g., shopping, technology, business, adult, gambling etc. The ability to click on a domain and getting a screen shot of the domain and the advert. All data must be visually represented though charts and diagrams. Being able to change how the data is represented. The option to download all data or individual selected data in an Excel or .csv format. Adjustable date range Being able to focus on one or selection domains Being able to focus on a particular type of Advert campaign type e.g., brands, gambling, sponsored content, etc. Being able to focus on a particular brand Provide a quarterly report in a particular area like gambling adverts Please apply at


Category Manager
Concept House, IPO
NP10 8QQ
United Kingdom

Contract value: 82500

Published: 10 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 11 Nov 2022