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(NU/1589-77) VOICE Brand Identity

The VOICE community is facilitated by an online digital platform where members register and are informed of opportunities where they are asked to express their interest in taking part in projects to provide feedback and insights. These opportunities could be working with our corporate clients looking for input into co-design of specific services or products, or with university research teams looking for insights for their research. We have identified the following work packages for this tender:Brand Identity: - A new VOICE logo potentially - sensitive to the profile, recognition and reputation of the existing logo - Consideration of sub brands e.g. VOICE X - potential requirement for sub brand logos - Refreshed brand colour palette and aesthetics - The creation of VOICE brand guidelines - Slide deck template design - Style elements, intro & outro to VOICE video content - 4 x VOICE banners of varying design to suit a range of audiences - Graphic design elements where required A Comprehensive Brand Strategy: A review and development of messaging to help us maximise impact in the following areas: - The development of a VOICE strapline - Creation of a VOICE mission statement and values - A review of how we communicate VOICE to our 3 core audiences/groups o Public - messaging to include the valuing of experience and insights and how VOICE can empower the public to influence the future by shaping research and innovation o Researchers - messaging to be primarily health and social care research focused; how VOICE can benefit and support researchers' citizen engagement and involvement programmes o Businesses - messaging to be NICA offer / national and international healthy longevity focused - How best to incorporate brand messaging into the front-end platform design for maximum impact Social Media Brand Strategy: - Design content, style and approaches including headers for each social media platform - Designed social media cards across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for a range of purposes - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram market and competitor analysis: o What the benefits of each are to us - taking into consideration our different audiences o What the differences in approach are o Advise practical ways for how we can best utilise each - for example frequency, content and style of posts etcOutputs: - A well designed and comprehensive brand identity and strategy - VOICE brand guidelines - Branded templates for VOICE slide decks and other presentation requirements - Designed social media cards across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for a range of purposes - Strapline for VOICE - A mission statement and values for VOICE - All design assets


Natalie Morton
Newcastle University
Procurement Services, Kingsgate
United Kingdom
+44 1912086396

Contract value: 40000-40000

Published: 17 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 31 Aug 2022