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Wayfinding and Signage at National Collections Centre, Wroughton

This contract is reserved by location to suppliers registered in the Borough of Swindon. This project is to deliver new wayfinding and signage around the road network of the Science and Innovation Park. The contractor will be expected to produce and install all signs in the design specification. Where there are existing posts, they are to be assessed for sturdiness and straightness. We will consider repairs or replacement of existing posts on the advice of the contractor. Where new posts are required as indicated on the drawings, the contractor is required to install new posts to match the existing ones on site. Due to the nature of the site (old WW2 airfield) you will need to ensure that all holes dug on site have been checked for UXOs. The contractor is to work with a UXO specialist (we have an incumbent or you can use your own) to either assist the UXO specialist to excavate any anomalies or site posts away from any anomalies.


Simon Doyle
Exhibition Road
South Kensington
United Kingdom
01793 846268

Contract value: 15000

Published: 17 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 7 Nov 2022