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Evaluation of HEI initiatives for Supporting Paused Nursing Students

There will always be nursing students who for a variety of reasons (e.g. personal, financial, academic) need to pause from their programme. In December 2021 HEE invited HEIs to submit bids for initiatives to support paused nursing students to return and complete their programme. 30 HEIs were successful in securing funding. As part of this the HEIs were asked to commit to providing HEE with an interim evaluation and a final evaluation of the outcome of their initiatives. The interim evaluations have been received and reviewed. A high-level good practice guide has been produced from these. This has been shared with all HEIs via the CoDH and via regional HEE networks. The financial envelope for the contract is 10,000.00 HEE Evaluation Framework Call-off Agreement can be found on the following link:


Anthony Oba
Blenheim House , Duncombe Street
United Kingdom

Contract value: 10000-10000

Published: 17 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 4 Nov 2022