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Nenthall, Nenthead, West Allen Checkweirs - Long Term Sediment Monitoring

The Coal Authority invites you to tender for the Water and Abandoned Metal Mines (WAMM) programme in partnership with the Environment Agency and Defra, the Coal Authority are looking at ways of monitoring and reducing sediment from historic mining, which is rich in lead, cadmium and zinc, from polluting the water courses which is causing them to fail Environmental Quality Standards (EQS). Captured sediment is retained behind in river structures such as checkweirs, with the aim of reducing downstream river pollution. Monitoring of these checkweirs is required to ensure a level is maintained to allow them to work to the best of their capability. To continue the monitoring that has been carried out over the past three to four years we are looking to source a supplier to provide long term monitoring to collate data relating to the accumulation of metal rich sediment including chemical analysis of the sediment, volume and particle sizing and impact of any scour of river banks in accordance with the detailed requirements within the scope The initial works will focus on three established checkweirs but may be expanded with the construction of new structures elsewhere in England. This tender is being operated through the Coal Authority procurement portal - InBye - see the attached guidance for how to access the tender documents


Thompson Egbe
200 Lichfield Lane

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Published: 17 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 11 Nov 2022