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Adult Integrated Respiratory Service for Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB - South and West Hertfordshire Place - Request for Information

Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB has an ambitious strategy to redesign adult respiratory services. The new service will provide a truly integrated respiratory team capable of delivering "joined up care at the right time in the optimal setting" as set out in the NHS Long-Term plan. The aim is to develop an integrated care model for respiratory which is focused on delivering integrated pathways and transitioning the system away from individual organisational models of care. The new service will incorporate a multidisciplinary approach (including Primary, Community and Secondary Care) to enhance the care of patients with respiratory disease. The delivery model will focus on prevention, identification and early intervention and on-going management of respiratory conditions, which for the South and West Hertfordshire population will aim to: - Reduce their risk of developing respiratory disease - Ensure equitable access to early and accurate diagnosis of respiratory diseases, with early intervention to improve quality of life and slow disease progression. - Provide high quality, consistent and integrated care for those living with respiratory diseases, with treatments and support provided in the most appropriate setting. The service will also deliver a service for patients who have been diagnosed with post-Covid syndrome. The Adult Integrated Respiratory Service will be required to fully integrate with existing commissioned services e.g. Rapid Response, Respiratory Virtual Ward, to ensure that patients are managed on the most appropriate treatment pathway and that they experience a seamless transition of care. Further information on the service to be provided is in the Service Specification for the Adult Integrated Respiratory Service which can be accessed through the Attain Bravo Solution portal. To this end, the ICB has been working in partnership with its key provider stakeholders (the incumbent providers) to bring the three pathways across Acute, Community and Primary Care together into a truly integrated model which meets that vision and improves the quality of care for the patient population of South and West Hertfordshire. Through these discussions HWE ICB believes it has identified the providers most capable and uniquely placed of leading and delivering Adult Integrated Respiratory Service. Those key provider stakeholders are: West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust and GP's/GP Federations within South and West Hertfordshire. It has been determined that this arrangement will achieve better patient outcomes for South and West Hertfordshire and will help to facilitate a more integrated, resilient healthcare system. The purpose of this PIN is to signal to the market that it is the intention of the ICB to award the contract to West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Central London Community Healthcare Trust as the lead providers working in partnership with system partners.

Charter House, Parkway
Welwyn Garden City

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Published: 17 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 11 Nov 2022