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GB-London: FSCS439 Small Works Office Reconfiguration

NOTE: This notice was updated on 24 October 2022 for the following reason: Section 12 - Other Notice Please note the correction in relation to "Period of Work Start" and Period of Work End" dates. These have been corrected as follows: Period of Work Start - 06th February 2023 Period of Work End - 24th March 2023(The FSCS is seeking to appoint a contractor to deliver small works in relation to office space reconfiguration. The Contractor will be expected to deliver the small works project using a design and build project approach as detailed in this ITT. Using the FSCS floorplate CAD plan (Appendix A) the contractor will propose the removal of no more than eight desks located in the Customer, Data, Intelligence and Technology zones to accommodate a new Concentration Room. The Contractor is required to propose furniture for the new Concentration Room. The Contractor is required to enhance the acoustic performance of the existing Broadcast Room, relocate the power and data floor box, and amend the glazing manifestation. The Contractor will complete decoration, electrical and data cabling works in the existing Concentration Space 03 Moorgate to allow FSCS to convert this room to a meeting room facility. The Contractor will replace existing light units in the Customer Zone and Data, Intelligence and Technology Zone with new LED light units (to replicate existing People Office light units). Using the FSCS CAD floor plan (Appendix A) the Contractor is required to propose the location of 5 x new recycling units to be located appropriately across the floorplate. Each recycling unit will include 3 waste streams to be confirmed by FSCS. The Contractor will be required to work with IVC the FSCS audio and visual system contractor who will install hybrid meeting technology in new rooms, as directed by FSCS. The FSCS office at Beaufort House is operational each Monday to Friday and works associated with the project cannot be completed during this timeframe. However, to accelerate the completion of works on the floorplate FSCS propose to close the office on Friday 10th February to allow the contractor a long weekend to complete the works. The FSCS requires JCT Minor Works Building (Public Sector) 2016 terms and conditions for this contract. Following completion of the project FSCS have reserved Monday 24th March 2023 to meet with the contractor for the purpose of reviewing project delivery success against the specification and reviewing the completion of snagging works. The Contractor is to manage the sub-contractors noted within Appendix B to ensure project delivery in accordance with current Health and Safety and Building Regulations. The Contractor is required to engage Beaufort House building management to plan and implement a waste disposal plan avoiding disruption to other tenanted firms daily activities. The new FSCS areas to be created are: A new Concentration Room. A new 03 Moorgate meeting room facility. LED lighting across the Core 1 area. Five new recycling units.)


Jean Mutudza
Beaufort House
15 St. Botolph Street

Contract value: 100000-500000

Published: 17 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 11 Nov 2022