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GM School Readiness Programme

The GM School Readiness programme includes a priority focus on developing a GM pathway to support early years social, emotional development wellbeing. A pathway maturity audit across localities in 2020, identified a common gap in evidenced based programmes delivered in EY settings and schools that support social emotional learning. Poor social and emotional capabilities increase the likelihood of antisocial behaviour and mental health problems, substance misuse, teenage pregnancy, poor educational attainment and involvement in criminal activity. Children living in areas of social disadvantage - including many parts of Greater Manchester - are at much higher risk, with the poorest 20% of children more likely to display conduct problems at age 5, compared to children from more affluent backgrounds. There are less opportunities after the preschool period to close the gap in personal, social and educational outcomes We know that the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted on the social, emotional development and wellbeing of young children. Disruption to early education, restricted social interactions and additional parental and family stress has disrupted early childhood development and early years settings and schools are reporting that children continue to be behind expected milestones due to the learning loss experienced in 2020/21. Research by the Sutton Trust found that 45% of parents of very young children reported a negative impact on their child's social and emotional development, particularly those who were unable to attend their childcare provider during lockdown and will now be entering primary school.


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Published: 14 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 25 Sep 2022