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Hackney Oral Health Promotion

KCHFT are looking for an enthusiastic health/education provider within the Orthodox Jewish Community in Hackney to provide a targeted dental outreach program of: Oral Health promotion amongst parents, carers, teachers, children & community groups within Hackney's Charedi community. Promoting the importance of good oral health, brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, tooth friendly diet advice & accessing dental care advice. The importance of early access to the dentist for children will be prioritised, as will bringing about behaviour change within the community regarding diet and brushing. The Outreach program will use the Delivering Better Oral Health Toolkit v4 as the evidence base & will be delivered in a culturally appropriate manner for the community. The provider will maintain a team of 15 Orthodox Jewish peer educators who will be trained & signed off as competent by KCHFT. This team will then be expected to arrange, organise, plan & deliver 50 oral health promotion sessions per annum (April to March) within the community. The provider will facilitate training sessions with KCHFT to ensure all peer educators have sufficient knowledge to deliver effective and motivating evidenced based advice. The provider will collaborate with KCHFT to create tools & resources eg leaflets/posters/presentations that are culturally specific to support the delivery of this contract. The provider will use visual aids supplied by KCHFT to assist with the delivery of oral health promotion eg Big Teeth Models. The provider will collect meaningful feedback from every service user & report on this feedback to KCHFT. The number of attendees at each session will be recorded with registers & the proportion of attendees who's oral health knowledge has improved following the intervention will be ascertained via pre & post-questionnaires & feedback forms. The provider will report their progress to KCHT quarterly via a review meeting on Microsoft Teams with KCHFT and via a written quarterly report to be submitted on 1st of the month. The provider will also be expected to support KCHFT in accessing and building contacts in Charedi Orthodox Jewish Independent schools & help to promote the fluoride varnish programme in all school settings/with all parents of children in Charedi Orthodox Jewish Independent Schools. They will engage the schools/nurseries and parents by facilitating meetings with headteachers/governors and rabbis. Please register your interest on the Proactis Portal no later than 19 October 2022 (midday). Expressions of interest (EOI) must be submitted via the Proactis Portal under opportunity DN6369. Please login via the link below to express your interest if already registered, or the link will also allow you to register for free & then express your interest: ( Documentation will be released to suppliers who express an interest on the 19 October 2022.


Sarah Woodcock
110/120 Upper Pemberton
Eureka Park, Kennington
TN25 4AZ
United Kingdom
+44 1233667979

Contract value: 110000-110000

Published: 10 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 19 Oct 2022