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F0010b DIP Model Collaboration and Integration Assurance Programme B

The RDP programme is being delivered through an integrated delivery team model involving early engagement with NH and contractor supply base. The model is based on the delivery of an output-based specification for a defined and agreed budget, which is inclusive of the costs associated with the delivery of a scheme. This budget would have traditionally been the reserve of the client but is entrusted to the integrated teams to manage and deliver the outputs against. The commercial incentivisation is centred on out performance where value is created by achieving the required outputs at less cost but regulated against whole life cost of the asset being created. This approach is novel to the industry and therefore a crucial element of its success will be NH's ability to encourage and develop consistency of performance across the programme. Currently, within the RDP programme there are a total of 18 Delivery Integrated Partnerships, all of which are at different levels of performance and behavioural maturity that require a more detailed understanding of exactly where they are on the spectrum.

The Cube
B1 1RN

Contract value: 250000

Published: 14 Oct 2022, Receipt by: 27 Sep 2022