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Invitation to Tender for the provision of A438 Whitney on Wye Flood Damage Repairs Design and Build

As a direct result of severe weather including Storm Dennis, Herefordshire experienced very significant damage across the public realm. Given the scale of this damage and works required countywide, 72 damage sites were cleared and repaired during the immediate and subsequent recovery period to the end of March 2020. However, over 60 flood damage repair sites which could not be fully cleared or repaired by the end of March 2020, due to constraints related to access, complexity or resource availability, remain and require attention. Significant works remain to be undertaken to the A438 at Whitney on Wye. The Client's objective for this commission is to see the damage to the A438 at Whitney on Wye investigated, a solution designed and works delivered so that the A438 is returned to full use and is resilient to future storm events.


Naomi O'Malley
Council Offices
Plough Lane
+44 1432383073

Contract value: 500000-500000

Published: 13 May 2021, Receipt by: 7 Apr 2021