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Data Readiness Review

Problem statement The IM Data Services team had hoped to provide input to the team from permanent members of staff but significant commitments in terms of collecting data for summer 2021 have meant the internal team has been unable to participate. Input from the IM Data Services team to phase 1 has instead been provided by external resource who has had additional capacity alongside commitments on SVR tagging work. It is now clear that permanent IM Data Services team members will not be available to provide input to phase 2 either. Without the team's input to the meetings with AOs and the reporting process, the impact and value from phase 2 is likely to be reduced. The Requirement The work has been divided into two phases: seven AOs were included in phase 1, which was completed at the end of March 2021; and nine AOs will be included in phase 2 which is expected to complete by 11 June 2021. The work will be carried out in partnership with the Data Analysis team, the Data Services team, and Regulatory Compliance teams. The collaboration of all three teams to review the AO evidence and produce reports is necessary to ensure the greatest value and impact from the work. Support is required to collaborate with the Ofqual teams, mentioned above, attend and input into meetings with nine AOs, review data readiness evidence supplied by the AOs and provide feedback on the produced reports within a specified timeframe. Outcome Required Both phases of the Data Readiness Review project will produce Data Readiness reports for each AO that participates. The report outlines how the AO is operating against the requests for data from Ofqual. Specifically, looking at the governance, process flow, data sources, processing, and collation required to respond to Ofqual's data requests. It will allow AOs to highlight any challenges involved in responding to requests for data. The two Data Readiness phases will then be combined by the Regulatory Compliance team to output a thematic high-level report for delivery to Ofqual's VTQ Directorate. The thematic report is not expected as part of this SoW.


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Contract value: 21000

Published: 13 May 2021, Receipt by: 1 Jan 2021