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Decant Of The Gallery - Removals, Recycling, Storage and Associated Services

North Northamptonshire Council (hereafter referred to as the "Council" is seeking the services of an experienced fine art removal and storage company, who must be able to provide the following services: 1. fully environmental controlled fine art storage that meets GIS for an initial period of twelve (12) months, with an option to extend the requirement on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis, as required by the Council; 2. Undertake a site-visit to comprehensively assess the collection of over nine hundred (900) works and identify the most appropriate individual packing, transportation and storage needs (including appropriate transport and storage temperature, determined by the Supplier, to ensure no damage to the items); 3. Ability to weigh large scale artworks (largest 2,550mm by 2,030mm) before packing; 4. Provision of all packing materials, including the making of individual work specific T-Frames and crates; 5. Fully environmental controlled vehicles for transportation of artworks; 6. Act as the principal team for the manual handling of the collection inside art store and on-site alongside the Council's staff, to safely deinstall the art collection within the time restraints of the project deadline detailed in the Implementation Criteria, below; and 7. Assist Council staff in the condition checking of the collection as part of the decant process. The Supplier must also quote to provide transportation insurance, to the value of 5,500,000 if required by the Council and this must be covered in any price offer provided. If the Council, at its sole discretion, decides this insurance is not required, it must be discounted from the price offer. The Supplier must provide an anticipated timeline of the decant & transportation works, including allowances of time for Council staff to undertake a condition survey of the items. This will be used to monitor the progress of the decant and inform Council staffing requirements. Any damage caused by poor temperature or environmental management shall be considered a breach of contract and the Council will seek full and appropriate financial compensation.


North Northamptonshire Procurement Team
Sheerness House 41 Meadow Road

Contract value: 90000

Published: 14 May 2021, Receipt by: 31 Mar 2021